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Warren Buffett beat the hedge funds. Here's how

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One decade ago, Warren Buffett took a $1 million wager that stashing money in an index fund would make you richer than if you entrusted it with hedge fund managers.


Summer Funland Review | VR Focus

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Peter Graham from VR Focus writes, "Mini-game compilations can be a great way of combining multiple gameplay genres into one neat little package. Titles like Sports Bar VR and Loco Dojo showcase some of the best ways to bring together common, well known past times or slightly more weird and wonderful ideas respectively. The latest title to enter this arena is Summer Funland by newly formed indie studio Monad Rock, mixing together many elements to create a pleasant just not outstanding experience."


India groom killed in Odisha after wedding gift explodes

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A man and his grandmother were killed when a parcel bomb disguised as a wedding gift exploded.


Speeding jeep kills 9 schoolkids in India

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A speeding jeep has ploughed through a group of schoolchildren crossing a road in eastern India, killing nine and injuring 10 of them.


India to Justin Trudeau: Dude, stop trying so hard

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cannot catch a break in India.
Trudeau, accustomed to being praised for his Prince Charming good looks, is getting a lot of flak on his tour of India, and the latest gags focus on his razzle-dazzle wardrobe, upstaging even India's flamboyant movie stars.


What a fraud case says about India's bank debt crisis

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The Nirav Modi loan case is serious, but just a sign of a far deeper malaise in the banking sector.

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5 Bizarre Games Available on Right Now

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The Indie Game Website writes: "While is filled with amazing games, there are some that leave you questioning humanity and the sanity of the creators."


Widow says Indiana candidate's immigration ad politicizes her husband's death: 'Why would you do this?'

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The widow of an Uber driver killed in a suspected drunken driving crash said her family has been "devastated" by a political ad featuring her deceased husband, an Indianapolis Colts player who was also killed and the Guatemalan immigrant charged with their deaths. Deb Monroe, the widow of driver...


Donald Trump Jr. calls Indian media "mild and nice"

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President Trump's son said that life since his father took office "has been difficult from a family standpoint"


Is Past Cure Worth Playing? - My Thoughts So Far

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Rossco has been playing indie game Past Cure. Check out his thoughts on the game so far and watch 20 minutes of gameplay in his Let's Play video to find out if this action-adventure game is worth playing for you.

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