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Eliza Dushku Says Stuntman Molested Her When She Was 12 (UPDATE)

Added: 13.01.2018 22:23 | 3 views | 0 comments

6:00 PM PT -- James Cameron, the director of "True Lies," says if he had known about Eliza's alleged assault ... "there would have been no mercy." He says he's heartbroken, but also glad Eliza spoke up along with all the other brave women who...


Kate Winslet and Stephen Colbert Give Titanic an Ending in Which She Actually Doesn’t Let Go

Added: 01.12.2017 14:18 | 8 views | 0 comments

Titanic has arrived at its 20th anniversary, which means it’s time for everyone to talk about the ending of Titanic once again. Paying a visit to The Late Show, Kate Winslet answered a few trivia questions from Stephen Colbert — revealing, in the process, that it was James Cameron who ...


Kate Winslet Reveals How She Would Have Saved Jack in Titanic

Added: 01.12.2017 9:11 | 10 views | 0 comments

Kate Winslet knows she let Jack down. 20 years after she and Leonardo DiCaprio joined cinematic history as the iconic Rose and Jack in James Cameron's Titanic, the Oscar winner is...


James Cameron shuts down Titanic 'door' debate for good with blunt response

Added: 30.11.2017 9:00 | 7 views | 0 comments

Apparently it was either death by freezing, or death by smokestack for Jack


James Cameron Wants People to Get Over Jack's Death in Titanic

Added: 27.11.2017 9:12 | 8 views | 0 comments

It looks like fans will never let go of this Titanic scene. During an interview with Vanity Fair, director James Cameron addressed a question that's been bugging enthusiasts for...


James Cameron Wishes We Would Shut Up About Jack’s Titanic Death, Already: ‘It’s Called Art’

Added: 26.11.2017 13:08 | 8 views | 0 comments

James Cameron doesn’t really appreciate all of the haters and losers (and Mythbusters) out there who think Jack and Rose could’ve shared their Titanic floating board in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. In fact, he knows the young lovers could’ve technically fit and lived on for eternity together — ...


Kojima used to watch the making of The Abyss to cheer himself up from development fatigue

Added: 12.11.2017 17:23 | 6 views | 0 comments

With Death Stranding, Kojima is trying to do something truly new and unique. While he has a clear picture of what he wants to create, it can be tough explaining his vision to the members of his team. But according to the famous game director, creating something takes great determination. He compares the process to the making of 1989s The Abyss, by James Cameron.


All the Ways Stranger Things 2 Is Like James Cameron’s Aliens

Added: 30.10.2017 9:03 | 12 views | 0 comments

Many spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season two.While doing press for Netflix’s truly fun Stranger Things 2, the Duffer Brothers compared their highly anticipated sequel to one of the most famous follow-ups of all time, Aliens. They noted how they were following the formula of James Cameron, probably not just ...


Terminator 6 Goes Back to Basics Says Schwarzenegger

Added: 25.10.2017 13:10 | 10 views | 0 comments

Tim Miller and James Cameron's Terminator 6 is on the fast track as Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how the new movie will work.


Kate Winslet Says Peter Jackson Tried to Sneak Onto the Set of Titanic

Added: 24.10.2017 16:39 | 12 views | 0 comments

Though James Cameron and Peter Jackson are now close collaborators, in the mid-’90s, it seems, this was far from the case. As Kate Winslet told Variety, when Jackson and his wife Fran Walsh came to visit her on the set of Titanic (and possibly snoop on the production), they were ...


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