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Olympics: Pyeongchang 2018 Games torch lit in ancient Olympia

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The torch for the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics was lit in ancient Olympia on Tuesday using the backup flame from the dress rehearsal due to rainy weather, kicking off the countdown for the first winter Games in Asia outside Japan.


South Korea, Japan and U.S. to begin two-day joint missile tracking exercise

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South Korea said Tuesday it will hold a two-day joint exercise with Japan and the United States to improve their ability to detect and track ... ......

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The Yokan Collection makes Singapore its second stop after Paris

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Japan has many wagashi (traditional confectionery) and one of the earliest created is the yokan. Essentially a dense red bean jelly (neri yokan) made with just adzuki beans, sugar and kanten (agar-agar), yokan has remained largely unchanged since the later part of the Edo Period (1800s). This sweet treat has proved popular with the Japanese imperial family and shogunate …

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BREAKING: US, Japan and South Korea 'prepare for North Korea attack' with missile drill

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THE US, Japan and South Korean have begun a two-day training drill to prepare their militaries in response to North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.


SKorea, US, Japan missile tracking drill

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South Korea, the United States and Japan have begun a two-day missile tracking drill in preparation for any missile or nuclear threats from North Korea.


North Korea: US forces stage missile drill amid fears of an attack

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Forces from the US, South Korea and Japan are staging a missile tracking drill amid fears of an imminent attack from North Korea.

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Kobe Steel plant under inspection by Japan ministry, report says

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One of the Kobe Steel plants at the heart of a product data cheating scandal is being inspected by Japan's transport ministry, Kyodo News reported

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North Korea warns ‘parasite’ Japan is preparing to INVADE Kim’s hermit state

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NORTH Korea believes Japan is plotting a bizarre “re-invasion” of Kim Jong-un's hermit state, with a state-run newspaper condemning the country as a “parasite”.


The Stakes---and Stocks---Rise for Japan's Abenomics

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he would tackle some of the Japanese economy’s deeper structural problems after his coalition scored a convincing victory in parliamentary elections and markets responded with a record 15th straight day of gains.

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Will Abe change Japan's pacifist constitution?

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After election win for his party and coalition partner, the PM signaled a push towards reforming the constitution.


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