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Lufthansa plane makes safe emergency landing in Poland

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An airport spokeswoman in southern Poland says a Lufthansa jet carrying over 40 people made a safe emergency landing shortly after takeoff when the pilots decided to turn back.


What’s New on Netflix: January 2018

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If you can’t stop staring at your phone: The Truman ShowNot every movie gets to be the namesake for a psychological disorder. But more importantly, Peter Weir’s 1998 satire about an average guy (Jim Carrey, never better) who’s the unknowing star of a reality show anticipated the way our media-rich ...


K-Pop and Jim Carrey: Injured North Korean Defector Starts Road to Recovery

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Days after being shot through the lungs and intestines as he defected across the Korean demilitarized zone, a North Korean soldier has recovered enough to joke with medical staff, watch Hollywood movies and request K-pop. But he is still in a fragile state.

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Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond Documents Jim Carrey’s Intense Transformation Into Andy Kaufman

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Netflix’s new documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond proves you can truly become someone else – a performance isn’t always just a performance. When Jim Carrey snagged the part of Andy Kaufman in 1999 biopic Man on the Moon, he took method acting to the next level. He’d spend ...


Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond — Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton Is an Amazing Documentary With an Unwieldy Title

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The Jim is Jim Carrey, the Andy is Andy Kaufman, and the & signals the year (1999) when Carrey starred as Kaufman in the biopic Man on the Moon. The hook for Chris Smith’s amazing documentary with the unwieldy title, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond — Featuring a Very ...


10 Revelations from the Jim Carrey-Andy Kaufman Doc Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

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More than just pushing the boundaries between performance and real life, Andy Kaufman never truly acknowledged the divisions between them. The trickster performance artist popularly known for stints on SNL and Taxi has become an increasing influence among comics — and a legend among comedy fans — since his death ...


Jim Carrey Says He Has Proof Deceased Girlfriend Phonied Records to Extort Him

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The woman who claimed she became suicidal after Jim Carrey gave her herpes created an elaborate extortion scheme with fake medical records to make it seem she was clean before she met Jim ... this according to new legal docs. Carrey now claims...


Netflix's Jim & Andy Trailer Has Carrey Possessed by Kaufman

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Jim Carrey looks back on playing his idol Andy Kaufman in a trailer for the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy.


Batman Forever: Jim Carrey Says Tommy Lee Jones Hated Him On Set

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Was it jealousy that led to Tommy Lee Jones telling Jim Carrey that he hated him on the set of Batman Forever?


Jim Carrey Recalls How Tommy Lee Jones Told Him He Hates Him

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OK, so The Riddler and Harvey Two-Face weren't the best of friends when the Batman Forever cameras were off. On Norm MacDonald's podcast Norm MacDonald Live, Jim Carrey talked...


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