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Trump defends tax plan, claims benefits for jobs and middle class

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President Trump is brushing off concerns the GOP's final tax bill unfairly favors wealthy Americans.


Below the line

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Millions of jobs have been created in the US economy, but many people still live in poverty.

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Brady: New tax code for new era of prosperity

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Rep. Kevin Brady spoke Friday about the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation would slash tax rates for big business and lower levies in each tax bracket. The GOP plans to muscle the $1.5 trillion through Congress next week. (Dec. 15)


Two reasons Trump loves one media merger but hates another: Fox News and CNN

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The president contends that Disney-Fox “could be a great thing for jobs” but that AT&T-Time Warner is “not good for the country.”

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Trump to propose ending rule allowing spouses of H-1B holders to work in U.S.

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The Trump administration will propose revoking a rule that makes spouses of thousands of immigrant workers eligible to work while in the U.S., potentially complicating a major driver of technology jobs.


$15 minimum wage to cost California 400K jobs: Study

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California reached a deal on legislation to raise the state minimum wage across all businesses to $15 per hour by 2023, a move that could cost the state hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to a new report.


Big U.S. banks engage universities to fill unglamorous banking jobs

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Banks are grappling with how to recruit young people into businesses like trade finance and cash management, which are increasingly important drivers of revenue but perceived to be un-sexy compared with investment banking and trading.


New law supported by opioid producers makes it 'harder for us to do our jobs,' former DEA officials say

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A new law supported by opioid distributors and manufacturers is making it increasingly difficult to hold companies accountable when they run afoul of the nation's drug laws, according to recently retired Drug Enforcement Administration investigators on the front lines of the war against opioids....


Trump will stop spouses of H-1B visa holders from working

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The Trump administration plans to make it illegal for the spouses of thousands of immigrant workers to get jobs in the U.S.

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Prosecutor: Investigators ‘didn’t do their jobs’ in probe of police killing of unarmed Australian woman

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A county prosecutor expressed frustration about the investigation into the killing of an unarmed Australian woman by a Minneapolis police officer, placing the blame directly with investigators.


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