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Sonic Forces PC Review | DarkZero

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"I wont pretend that Sonic Forces is a disappointment it telegraphed its kitchen sink approach to content a long time ago. Desperately trying to please every kind of Sonic fan, it is every bit the mishmash of half realised ideas vying for your attention that it seemed like it would be. I guess I just never expected that their attempts to hold that attention would be so feeble."

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VR the Diner Duo (PSVR / PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: What games did you play with your family over Christmas? Charades? Monopoly? Maybe even its Quiz Time? I went to my parents and we played all of the above plus one more which took centre stage for a few reasons, VR the Diner Duo from Whirlybird Games. In the past, I have enjoyed playing Overcooked with my family and friends and I recently enjoyed playing Dead Hungry on my PSVR headset in single player At the time I thought to myself I wish I could play this in multiplayer or co-op. Lo and behold, the game already existed yet I wasnt aware of it as we received it on PSVR a year after the PC got their greasy little mitts on it. So, lets put on our aprons and see if this game is a Masterchef or a Kitchen Nightmare

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Red Lobster's plan: Kitchen upgrades, small-plate dishes

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What's on the menu for Red Lobster's future?

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Hebbar's Kitchen and the Indian couple behind a food video empire

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The wildly popular videos on Hebbar's Kitchen have focused on Indian audiences and vegetarian food.


Seal Under Investigation For Allegedly Kissing And Groping His Neighbor

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Here we go again... Seal is under investigation for allegedly kissing and groping his neighbor when she stopped by his Los Angeles home to pick up a kitchen item he had...


What Investors Want to See From Zoe’s Kitchen in 2018

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After a terrible 2017, can the fast-casual Mediterranean chain bounce back?


Clearance Sale at Target - $0.00

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Target offers clearance sale, deal includes women clothes, women shoes, women accessories, furniture, kitchen and dining and more. ...

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Aldo's Kitchen / IBUKU

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Aldo's Kitchen was one of the first bamboo buildings in the area, imagined by Aldo Landwher, a former sculptor and jewelry designer who conceived the original buildings of the Green School, for John Hardy. The building also strongly inspired the design of the Heart of School at Green Schoo Bali, where the form was repeated 3 times, maintaining proportions and similar ideas.

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'Chicken Shop' restaurant shut down after filthy conditions discovered

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A trendy north London restaurant was shut down by food safety officers last Summer after mice droppings were found on chopping boards in its kitchen, it has been revealed.

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Franklin / ARRIBA

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The operation should adapt the interior space of the apartment to a contemporary way of living, without major structural modifications. The strategy for this intervention was established on the idea of connecting two small-­scaled bedrooms so that social area could face the West, overseeing the river Tagus. The kitchen and the bedroom open up to a quiet courtyard, with a view over the urban gardens.


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