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LGBT Community Continues To Feel Targeted In Age Of Trump

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A group of LGBT people in Arizona discuss the recent stances the Trump administration has taken related to sexual orientation and gender identity as part of our Kitchen Table Conversation series.


Anti-Donald Trump bar pops up in London (just don't ask questions about the Moscow mule...)

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&'Twump bar&', in London, is raising funds for charities affected by Trump, including safe abortion, anti-Islamaphobia and LGBT rights


Porn Site Offers to Save LGBTQ-Inclusive Netflix Show 'Sense8'

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xHamster is offering to be the new home of canceled Netflix sci-fi drama, "Sense 8."

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A Porn Site Offers to Give Sense8 a Third Season, With the Climax It Deserves

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Netflix canceled its globe-trotting, LGBTQ-friendly, very sexy drama Sense8 earlier this year, then apologized, then promised to wrap things up with a two-hour special. But according to the people who run the porn website xHamster, things don’t have to climax and finish so quickly. The site reached out to creators ...

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Homophobia in football: How LGBT fans' groups are changing opinions on terraces

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How the rise of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender fans' groups in the Premier League is changing opinions on the terraces.


Newham is revealed as the best London borough for gay and lesbian parents to raise family

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A survey found that the East London borough came out top for competitive house prices, access to green spaces and safety for LGBT families

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California Prison Doctor Sues State Alleging LGBTQ Discrimination

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The psychologist alleges she was twice locked in a room with a dangerous inmate in retaliation for reporting mistreatment of LGBTQ inmates.


'Can't tip someone who doesn't love Jesus': Gay Buffalo Wings waitress denied tip over her pro-LGBT rainbow tattoo

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A gay waitress claims she was denied a tip by a family of five because of her pro-LGBT rainbow tattoo.

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