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Jeep shows a refreshed Cherokee at the Detroit Auto Show - Roadshow

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Finally, the front end has lost that squinty look.

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After Upsetting Venus Williams, Belinda Bencic Falls in Australian Open

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Bencic started flatly and lost, 6-1, 6-3, to Luksika Kumkhum of Thailand.

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President Trump expands US military footprint despite candidate Trump's rhetoric

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Washington (CNN)At one rally after the next, candidate Donald Trump lamented the "trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost" in the Middle East, criticized his opponent as a warmonger and signaled he would scale back US military commitments abroad. "America First" would become the driving mantra, and the US would refocus taxpayer dollars on domestic problems rather than foreign ones, he said. Much of the Washington foreign policy establishment worried that Trump would usher in a diminished -- perhaps even isolated -- US posture. But in his first year as commander in chief, Trump has largely discarded the non-interventionist campaign rhetoric, expanding the US military footprint...

Canada earns ‘Bovine TB Free’ status again through diligence

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For the first time since 2016 Canada has achieved “TB Free” country status, which it lost after a single animal infected with bovine TB was found on a ranch in southern Alberta. Bovine tuberculosis is a chronic animal disease. The World Organization for Animal Health requires reporting of bovine TB under the Terrestrial Animal Code....


Veloster N brings Hyundai's performance brand to the US - Roadshow

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This is but the first step in a future performance assault on the US market, and we welcome our new Korean overlords with open arms.

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Bitcoin falls 25 percent to $10,200 on Bitstamp exchange

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Bitcoin had lost a quarter of its value in early Asian trading on Wednesday as fears grew of a regulatory crackdown after reports that South Korea's finance minister said banning trading in cryptocurrencies was still an option.


Slow 'hot electrons' could improve solar cell efficiency

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Photons with energy higher than the 'band gap' of the semiconductor absorbing them give rise to what are known as hot electrons. The extra energy is lost very fast, as it is converted into heat so it does not contribute to the voltage. Researchers have now found a material in which these hot electrons retain their high energy levels for much longer.

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The Jonas Brothers Reactivated Their Instagram and Twitter Lost Its Mind

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Fans were sending an "SOS" on Twitter last night. The Jonas Brothers' official Instagram was reactivated last night, a move that was first reported by The Bachelor fan...


'Lost within a moment's time': 20 dead in mudslide include a dad, son, father-in-law

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The death toll rose to 20 after last week's mudslides in Southern California.


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