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Stores may be in trouble, but people are spending like mad

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Stores are closing at an unprecedented pace. Retailers are going bankrupt. Malls are slowly being abandoned.

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Sumatran rhinos never recovered from losses during the Pleistocene, genome evidence shows

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An international team of researchers has sequenced and analyzed the first Sumatran rhino genome from a sample belonging to a male made famous at the Cincinnati Zoo. This study shows that the trouble for Sumatran rhinoceros populations began a long time ago, around the middle of the Pleistocene, about one million years ago.

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Awkward mall Santa photos

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Good thing this gig only lasts a month. Mall Santa gets put through a lot

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EU countries are not 'tax havens', parliament says

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Malta, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland cannot be considered as tax havens, the European Parliament agreed on Wednesday.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

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Benvuto to RHONJ’s long-awaited Milan episode! Long awaited by me, anyway, if not by the residents of Milan. As is tradition, we enjoy a montage of the Housewives packing while recapping recent drama to their male loved ones, who express their amazement that they’d even want to go on a ...



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Malpyo, a family business with a long history spanning over three generations, is expanding into the cosmetics sector. URBANTAINER’s mission is to capture the spirit of the company’s transition to a modern and trend-oriented brand with the new company headquarter. The starting point for the design concept was to overcome the literal notion of a factory as a place of production by creating a space that symbolically carries the energy of the company’s new brand identity, by effectively utilising shipping containers in emotion-evoking colours. Malpyo’s new headquarter consists of two parts, the office area and the production facilities. In order to create an efficiently built space with a unique character, the office area was built with shipping containers.

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The Making of MediEvil

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Push Square: "Video games are fundamentally about escapism. Its unsurprising then that the vast majority of video game heroes fall into archetypal stereotypes; muscle-bound and handsome for male leads or ample-breasted and stunningly gorgeous for female characters (Lara Croft, step forward). Bearing this in mind, the choice of lead for the hugely enjoyable MediEvil series is an odd one to say the least; the undead Sir Daniel Fortesque is neither muscle-bound nor suitably heroic. In fact, hes a complete failure as a hero."


America's malls are rotting away

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The worst is yet to come for American shopping malls.


Mall of America's first black Santa gives holiday joy

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"Black kids, white kids, Asian kids, Hispanic kids - they all come to see Santa."

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