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Here's the controversial key to NASA's bold plan for Mars

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Space agency eyes moon-orbiting space station as stepping stone to the red planet.

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Former McLaren boss Whitmarsh takes on new F1 role

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Former McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh is returning to Formula One in a temporary role advising the sport's governing body on cost control measures.


[Ticker] EU to remove half of tax havens from blacklist

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The EU is set to remove eight of the 17 jurisdictions listed in December as tax havens. Panama, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Grenada, Macao, Mongolia and Tunisia would be taken off the list at an EU finance ministers next week in Brussels, while American Samoa, Bahrain, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Namibia, Palau, Saint Lucia, Samoa, and Trinidad-Tobago would remain. German MEP Markus Feber called the new list "laughable".

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Australian wallaby in ‘POLICE CUSTODY’ after causing TRAVEL CHAOS on Sydney Harbour Bridge

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AN AUSTRALIAN wallaby was taken into “police custody” after causing travel chaos on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as authorities chased the hopping marsupial on Tuesday, it has emerged.


Runaway wallaby causes traffic chaos as it leads police on chase across Sydney Harbour Bridge

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A police officer is heard stifling a laugh as he drives along behind the marsupial in footage filmed from a pursuing patrol car


Sen. Kamala Harris Dancing in MLK Day Parade

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Sen. Kamala Harris made the most of her Grand Marshal title at Kindom Day Parade in L.A. by getting up close and personal with the bands ... and the Senator was getting it. The junior senator from Cali did a little -- emphasis on little --...

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My Year on "Mars"

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Physicist Christiane Heinicke spent 365 days sequestered with five others in a geodesic dome on the side of a Hawaiian volcano to test what isolation might do to the psyches of the crew on a Mars...


Milan Fashion Week's Dolce & Gabbana Show Featured a Ton of Celeb's Kids

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The Dolce & Gabbana show at Milan Fashion week was littered with the offspring of celebs. Both of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's kids walked the runway ... so did the spawn of Diddy, Daniel Day-Lewis, James Marsden, Jude Law and Pierce...

Mars’ Turbulent Winds Can Make Mountains in Impact Craters

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In a paper published in the journal Physical Review E, a duo of fluid dynamics experts proposes a solution to one of long-standing Martian mysteries. The research shows that wind vortices can produce the common Martian phenomenon of a stratified mound positioned downwind from the center of an ancient meteorite impact zone. Mars’ Gale Crater, [...]


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