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Doctor Who Christmas Special Recap: Postscript

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“Memories. You’re talking about memories.” — Rick Deckard, Blade RunnerIt almost seems like a no-brainer that Steven Moffat should craft his final hour of Doctor Who — a finish line he crosses alongside leading man Peter Capaldi — as a meditation on the power of memories. Following the episode proper, ...


A Definitive Ranking of Bob’s Burgers Holiday Episodes

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Over the course of eight seasons, Bob’s Burgers has grown into a sweet-natured, brazenly weird, always hilarious meditation on the nature of family, one that rivals any live-action luminaries. And better than any other show on TV, Bob’s Burgers understands the blend of wonder and anxiety that comes with the ...


The First Time: Dan Harris: The First Time I Rushed My Son to the E.R.

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When his toddler was injured in a fall, this ABC News anchor managed to keep it together in the hospital, with the help of meditation.

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Meditation could be your answer to holiday stress, anxiety and depression

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A few minutes of meditation a day can reduce anxiety, depression and even physical pain.


How to Be a Tiny Bit Better at Meditating, Even If You Hate Sitting Still

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It’s become so trendy that it’s easy to forget what it’s really about.

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Why it's so important employers create a happy and healthy workplace - according to a Headspace expert

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Our fitness columnist, Annie Ross interviews the manager of meditation app Headspace on having a healthy work-life

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Mindfulness meditation can offset the worry of waiting

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Research has shown all the techniques we employ to reduce the stress of worry don't work. Now an expert has found something that can help: 'mindfulness' meditation. That is, focusing on the present using meditation. The research has found that mindfulness is a sort of antidote to the 'curse' of waiting.

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Where's the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?

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The ubiquitous technique for relieving stress and pain has remarkably little scientific evidence backing it, a group of scientists contend


Why Is ‘Self Care’ So Hard To Actually Do? 5 Tips To Be Happier & Healthier This Week

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Hygge, Netflix & chill, meditation, 'me time' -- there are so many terms for self-care, and yet, it's so hard to actually take care of ourselves. Learn how to prioritize and feel less stressed in no time -- click below.


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