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How prepared is L.A. for a major quake like the one that hit Mexico City?

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As engineers survey the destruction in Mexico City, a lot can be learned from the buildings that survived the 7.1 magnitude earthquake


Vulnerable NJ Republican navigates messy Trump era politics

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WESTFIELD, N.J. (AP) — This is not President Donald Trump’s dinner party. Republican Rep. Leonard Lance, standing in the middle of Ferraro’s dimly lit restaurant dining room, says it’s not necessary to build a wall along the entire U.S. border with Mexico. He raises concerns about the White House’s promised tax overhaul. And he condemns [...]


Aftershock Hits Mexico Amid Cleanup From Earlier Quake

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An aftershock hit Mexico Saturday after the powerful and deadly earthquake earlier in the week. Volunteers have poured out in the thousands to help dig for survivors.


Mexico volcano spews ash sparking fears of eruption after deadly earthquake

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A VOLCANO near Mexico City has emitted a cloud of vapour and ash about 1.2 miles into the air just days after the area was rocked by a deadly earthquake.


5.9 quake strikes off Mexican west coast

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A magnitude 5.9 has earthquake struck off Mexico's west coast, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says.


Magnitude 5.9 quake strikes off Mexican west coast

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A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck off the Mexican west coast on Sunday (Sept 24), the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said.


Tropical Storm Pilar forms off Mexico's Pacific coast

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Tropical Storm Pilar has formed just off western Mexico and is expected to brush its Pacific coast near the resort of Puerto Vallarta

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Hopes for Mexico quake survivors dim as search enters sixth day

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Emergency workers searched by floodlight in smashed buildings for survivors of Mexico's deadliest earthquake in 32 years amid fading rescue prospects, five nights after the disaster and as President Enrique Pena Nieto urged Mexicans to turn their attention to rebuilding.


Five days on, hopes fade in Mexico City quake rescue operations

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September 24, 2017 1:55 PM
MEXICO CITY (AFP) - Hopes of finding more survivors after Mexico City's devastating quake dwindled to virtually nothing on Sunday (Sept 24), five days after the 7.1 tremor rocked the heart of the mega-city, toppling dozens of buildings and killing more than 300 people.


Mexico earthquake no match for modern auto industry

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The lessons of a 1985 earthquake, which killed an estimated 10,000, laid the foundation for a nation that takes things like building codes much more seriously.

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