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Country without any traffic lights embraces jeans, TV, cellphones

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Signs of change are everywhere in Bhutan, pulling the country of snow-capped, jagged mountains, forests, rivers and clean air into the modern world.

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The area, where the remains of Rock shade have been found, is livelihood from old stone age. This place is located in wind path, so there is always a fresh wind from south area - Cheong do, Ga chang. The mountain to the west of site keeps out hot sunlight in the afternoon. And Shin-cheon river flows at the bottom of mountain, so there is enough water.

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New details emerge on temperature, mobility of earth's lower crust in Rocky Mountains

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A research team has mapped the temperature and viscosity of earth's lower crust for the first time.

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British skier moving mountains on World Cup circuit

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In skiing terms, Dave Ryding is something of an anomaly.


Your PyeongChang 2018 Travel Guide

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The 2018 Winter Olympics start on Feb. 9 in Gangwon Province, a resort region in the Taebak Mountains northeast of Seoul. Here’s what to see and how to see it.

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New Spring Break Vacations for Families at Colorado's Home Ranch

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Families can “play in the snow” this season as The Home Ranch debuts a Spring Break Ranch Vacation from March 1 - 24, 2018 that combines back country skiing, snow tubing, winter horseback riding, snowshoeing, and gourmet cuisine in a Rocky Mountain hideaway.

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Where Eagles Dare House / GRAS arquitectos

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WHERE EAGLES DARE a house in connection to the sky. A nest in the mountain. Ethereal architecture for a new time thanks to technology. An opportunity for new materials and construction systems. The house wants to fly and leave the hill, cutting out its natural connection to the ground.


Gravitational Indifference / Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura

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The desire to live of the users on a serene, silent, vast, spacious and full of trees, where nature is able to show its greatness, has led them to identify a place in the sector of Ricaurte in Cuenca-Ecuador, a almost intact site that in the mornings is stripped of a mist characteristic of the mountains of the area that floats on the sloping territory managing to guide the gaze to the top of the trees, mountains and clouds.

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Mars’ Turbulent Winds Can Make Mountains in Impact Craters

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In a paper published in the journal Physical Review E, a duo of fluid dynamics experts proposes a solution to one of long-standing Martian mysteries. The research shows that wind vortices can produce the common Martian phenomenon of a stratified mound positioned downwind from the center of an ancient meteorite impact zone. Mars’ Gale Crater, [...]


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