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Diana Ross' Most Major Fashion Moments Ever

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There ain't no mountain high enough to keep Diana Ross from slaying the style game. As evidenced by the Lifetime Achievement Award she'll receive at the 2017 American Music Awards...


How Snapdragons keep their color: Signposting trick reveals evolutionary mechanism

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A study of the colour patterns among wild flowers in a mountain valley has yielded a clue about how nature controls fundamental evolutionary change in all species.

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Boardwalk Cabin Compound / DYNIA ARCHITECTS

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Located near the foot of the Teton Mountains, the site and scale of the intended architectural program influenced the placement of buildings within the compound. With mountains rising to the northwest and a stream cutting through the southeast corner of the lot, the placement of the main house and guest cabin define a courtyard, which is visually enclosed by the prominence of the mountains beyond.


Almost 3 feet of snow falls in Calif. mountains as storm moves east

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The storm is now expected to dump heavy snow on the Rockies.

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World’s Longest Sauropod Trackway Found in France

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The trackway of a plant-eating sauropod dinosaur has been excavated in the Jura Mountains, France. This 508-foot (155 m) line of footsteps is the longest known trackway of a sauropod. The dinosaur tracksite is located less a mile (1 km) west of the village of Plagne in the Department of the Ain, southern French Jura [...]


Rocky Mountaineer founder recognised with entry to British Columbia Hall of Fame

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Peter Armstrong, founder and chief executive of Armstrong Group, the owner and operator of Rocky Mountaineer, will be inducted into the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame.


Tongling Recluse / RSAA / Büro Ziyu Zhuang

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The owner of this project Daniel Wu said, “Ziyu, look at this tallest tree survived in our village. It is beautiful. It should be seen in our house after rebuilt.” So we divided this residual wall into two parts; the middle part was used as a courtyard where we can admire the stars at night and the water from four directions can flow into it. The eaves divided the two ridges in different materials parallel to the mountains. The towering surviving tree and old village were included into our Recluse.
- , Memoir of Mountain Household

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Researchers Find 260-Million-Year-Old Fossil Trees in Antarctica

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A research team led by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee paleoecologist Erik Gulbranson has found the fossil remnants of a Permian-age forest on the frozen slopes of the McIntyre Promontory in the Transantarctic Mountains. The fossil forest dates back to the late Permian period some 260 million years ago. “The Permian period ended 251 million years ago [...]


KidKraft Wooden Train Table and 120-Piece Waterfall Mountain Train Set with 3 Bins - $99.97

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This KidKraft Wooden Train Table comes with 120-Piece Waterfall Mountain Train Set with 3 Bins. This 120 durable pieces include cars, trains, planes, ...

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