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Win away from Super Bowl, moving past Minneapolis Miracle isn't difficult for Vikings

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As amazing as the Vikings' win over the Saints was, Mike Zimmer and Minnesota are moving on and have shifted their focus to Philadelphia.


Chris Pratt Makes a Run For It On Movie Set

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In a race against a horse, who'd win -- the horse or Chris Pratt? If you guessed the horse and not the guy who plays Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy," then you're probably right -- but that didn't stop Pratt from sizing up a horse while...

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NBC has a Super Bowl plan to get you excited for Olympics

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Network to run five mini-movies during Super Bowl at a cost of more than $20 million in ad time.


Spitzer and Hubble Telescopes Provide 3D Journey through Magnificent Orion Nebula

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By combining the visible and infrared capabilities of NASA’s Spitzer and NASA/ESA Hubble space telescopes, a team of specialists at NASA’s Universe of Learning program has created a spectacular, three-dimensional, fly-through movie of the famous Orion Nebula, a diffuse nebula in the constellation Orion. The Orion Nebula can be seen with the naked eye as [...]

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How to move to a new country alone, from someone who's done it twice

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Moving across the other side of the world can seem scary, but it's the best decision you'll ever make, says Laura Hampson

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First Things First: Best Openings in Gaming - Part Five

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Phil writes, "Gaming intros, openings, movies, videos -- whatever you call them, SuperPhillip Central looks at them with my returning series called First Things First: Best Openings in Gaming! This edition features Sonic Mania, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, and some PS1-era classics!"

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'Gyroscope' molecules form crystal that's both solid and full of motion

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To make a solid crystal, molecules are generally so tightly packed together there's no room for any movement. It means that solid crystals -- despite their strength and durability -- have generally been ignored as having any possible function as molecular machines. Researchers have now formed a crystal out of molecules that look like gyroscopes. The crystal is externally solid but contains moving parts.

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How the Portrayal of Houses in Cinema Shows Uncomfortable Truths About Hollywood's Relationship to Race

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This short excerpt is from Places Journal's article "," which in turn was adapted from John David Rhodes' book . The article, which investigates the many layers of property inherent in the production and viewing of movies, investigates in particular the films Gone with the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird, revealing how their themes of race and property are made even more complex by the practicalities of Hollywood filmmaking.


Mark Wahlberg to Donate $1.5 Million to Time's Up After Wage Gap Backlash

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Mark Wahlberg and his talent agency are making amends after it was reported he was paid a staggeringly larger paycheck for movie reshoots than co-star Michelle Williams. A few months ago,...


Frankly, How Dare Mamma Mia! Reject Tom Hanks for a Role

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If Tom Hanks offers to be in your movie, you’re legally only allowed to react in one of the following ways: Scream until you faint, thank him profusely through song and dance, buy him a typewriter, or cry. However, the schmucks over at 2008’s Mamma Mia! film production believed Hanks’s ...


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