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Nigeria's Buhari vows to fly home stranded migrants

Added: 29.11.2017 9:12 | 7 views | 0 comments

President Muhammadu Buhari speaks after video showing migrants being traded "like goats" emerges.


Nigeria targets recovery in record budget for 2018

Added: 07.11.2017 12:27 | 16 views | 0 comments

President Muhammadu Buhari hopes to lift oil production and keep peace in the Niger Delta.


Nigeria floods displace more than 100,000 people

Added: 01.09.2017 2:35 | 12 views | 0 comments

President Muhammadu Buhari and his government face criticism over what many call inaction in tackling the flooding.


Nigeria's Buhari resumes old habits in days since return

Added: 23.08.2017 12:41 | 15 views | 0 comments

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has kept a low profile since his grand return from sick leave on Saturday.


Nigerian president to 'work from home' after rat infestation

Added: 22.08.2017 12:04 | 9 views | 0 comments

Muhammadu Buhari has just returned from extended medical leave, but now has an office infestation.


Nigeria's Buhari warns off separatists, takes back control after treatment

Added: 21.08.2017 8:59 | 9 views | 0 comments

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari said on Monday he would stop separatist activists spreading unrest, seeking to reassert his hold on power after returning from his second stint of medical leave this year.


Muhammadu Buhari addresses nation on return from UK

Added: 21.08.2017 3:54 | 16 views | 0 comments

In televised speech on his return from long medical leave in London, Muhammadu Buhari sidesteps details of his illness.


Nigerian president vows to step up fight against Boko Haram

Added: 21.08.2017 3:10 | 10 views | 0 comments

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari, in an address to the nation after returning from London where he spent more than three months for medical treatment, said his government will reinvigorate its campaign against the Islamic extremist insurgency in the country's northeast.


Nigeria’s Buhari in first speech in months

Added: 21.08.2017 2:41 | 18 views | 0 comments

Separatists calling for the breakup of Nigeria have crossed a red line and the country's unity is not negotiable, President Muhammadu Buhari said during his first speech after three months of medical leave in Britain.


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