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[Opinion] Austria and Czech elections will change Visegrad dynamics

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With new leaders Sebastian Kurz and Andrej Babis in the region, the 'Visegrad Group' of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland will have to adapt its policies towards the EU or lose influence.

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Reid still wielding major influence over Democrats

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Back in Las Vegas, the ex-Democratic leader consults with Chuck Schumer, potential 2020 hopefuls and many others.


Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City

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On view at the Canadian Centre for Architecture through March 4, Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City is an in-depth study of the history of Greystone buildings from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. It reveals the influence of geology, topography, politics, culture, and ethnicity in shaping the city over time.

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NFL: 'Janet Jackson is not banned from the Super Bowl'

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Janet Jackson would apparently jump at the chance to return to the Super Bowl if Justin Timberlake asked her to be a guest during his halftime show set.


Central Bankers Cling to Stimulus Amid Weak Inflation

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Leaders of the world’s largest central banks indicated that weak inflation in advanced economies could prolong the postcrisis era of easy-money policies.

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Iowa Calls Off Request To Withdraw From Obamacare Market Before Buying Season

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Iowa decided to abandon its request to remove major elements of the Affordable Care Act since federal health officials did not approve the plan in time for the insurance-buying season that is going to begin on November 1, according to The Washington Post. The state said they would put a crucial "stopgap" plan in place to keep its marketplace from collapsing. The state's withdrawal plan came two months after President Donald Trump telephoned a top federal health official with instructions to reject Iowa's proposal, though Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds did not mention the president's intervention and thanked Trump, instead blaming the ACA for its inflexibility. The decision doesn't...

Venezuela Opposition Unity Breaks as Governors Sworn In For New Legislative Superbody

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Four of the five opposition governors broke from their coalition's promise to boycott the swearing-in ceremony on Monday when they did appear to swear themselves in before a pro-Maduro government legislative superbody, according to Reuters. The Democratic Unity coalition initially thought that the Oct. 15 gubernatorial polls were far in their favor against President Nicolas Maduro's party candidates due to anger over the ongoing economic crisis that has left many hungry due to high inflation across the OPEC member. However, the coalition only ended up taking a few of the 23 states and first alleged that the vote was a fraud. Eventually, the opposition that abstentionism in its own ranks also...

Review: Fire Emblem Warriors | Hardcore Gamer

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Although the Fire Emblem series has been around in the west for quite a while, it didnt manage to find its way to popularity until the release of Awakening back in 2013. With the success of Hyrule Warriors, the most appropriate next step for a Nintendo based spin-off chosen was of course the series that had grown hugely popular and had an emphasis on fighting large scale battles. With the overhead turn-based tactics out the window, Fire Emblem Warriors takes players into a world filled with conflict and the only way to stop it is to pick up a weapon and fight.

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Senate seeking clarity from Trump on Obamacare deal

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Conflicting statements from Trump and a list of White House-requested changes have given GOP leaders no clarity on whether they should force a vote.


NFL denies banning Janet Jackson from Super Bowl

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What happened the last time Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl.


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