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Hillary Clinton says US threats of war with North Korea are 'dangerous and short-sighted'

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HILLARY Clinton has declared that "cavalier" threats to start war on the Korean peninsula were "dangerous and short-sighted", urging the United States to get all parties to the negotiating table.


WORLD WAR 3: North Korea’s SPACE WEAPON even more deadly than a nuclear missile

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NEW satellite images show North Korea despot Kim Jong-un is gearing up for a further missile launch - as he plans the most devastating explosion the world has ever seen.


EU leaders to call for end to North Korea's weapons programme: Draft

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European Union leaders will demand on Thursday (Oct 19) that North Korea end its nuclear and ballistic weapons programme, according to the draft final statement of an EU summit.


World War 3: North Korea SUCCUMBS to world economic sanctions by grovelling to China

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NORTH Korea has been forced to pander to China following the growing economic and military squeeze being enforced by the world on Kim Jong-un’s regime, a congratulatory message reveals.


Will North Korea attack the US? DEFCON warns North Korea nuclear threat is RISING

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THE THREAT of North Korea striking on the US is rising because Kim Jong-un’s regime feels it is being “backed into a corner”, according to the DEFCON Warning System


WORLD WAR 3 READY: Pictures show US warships edging close to North Korea to taunt Kim

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DONALD Trump’s colossal USS Ronald Reagan ploughs through South Korean waters in a show of force against North Korea in newly emerging pictures of military drills to taunt Kim Jong-un.


'Trump is TERRIFIED of our SUPER OFFENSIVE' North Korea mocks US president

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NORTH KOREA has launched a fresh attack on the US, by viciously claiming Donald Trump is terrified of Kim Jong un’s super offensive nuclear programme.


U.S. Olympic Committee CEO says no athlete has raised concerns about North Korea tensions

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The USOC is in regular contact with the state department regarding security.


Mercy mission

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An 84-year-old priest who helps North Koreans with TB says new restrictions will not stop him going.


Seoul considers unilateral sanctions against North Korea

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South Korea is considering levying its own sanctions on North Korea as the isolated state ramps up tension with its missile and nuclear provocations, the South's vice foreign minister said on Wednesday, but no decision had been made yet.


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