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3 Warren Buffett Stocks Still Worth Buying

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Moody's, Apple, and Costco are three stocks the Oracle owns that you should consider owning, too.


MongoDB's successful IPO reflects its differences with traditional open source

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Day one of trading was good for MongoDB. The company has grown with a developer-friendly platform, a unique open source model, and an ability to poach workloads from the Oracles and SQL Servers of the world. The looming challenge is how it navigates coopetition with its frenemies in the cloud.

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Oracle swats 252 bugs in patch update

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Hundreds of different products are affected by a range of vulnerabilities tackled in the update.

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Oracle Open World 2017: 9 announcements to follow from autonomous to AI

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Oracle highlights machine learning and artificial intelligence for running cloud services, delivering smart applications and driving data-driven decisions. Here's what's coming.

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3 Warren Buffett Stocks for Retirees

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Who knows more about investing for retirement than the Oracle of Omaha himself? Warren Buffett made 95% of his wealth after turning 60, after all. Here are three Buffett stocks that should work well for your own nest egg.


Oracle's AWS Obsession Shows in Promised Cloud, Database, AI OfferingsOracle's AWS Obsession Shows in Promised Cloud, Database, AI Offerings

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NEWS ANALYSIS: Oracle's obsession with catching up to Amazon Web Services was apparent in its promises of new Cloud, database and artificial intelligence application offerings at its OpenWorld show.

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Google Introduces New Pixel Phones, Pixelbook, Google Home DevicesGoogle Introduces New Pixel Phones, Pixelbook, Google Home Devices

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DAILY VIDEO: Google launches its Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 smartphones with squeezable sides; Oracle launches the enterprise-grade Blockchain Cloud Service; Google adds a custom role feature to Cloud IAM data access controls; and former Intel CEO Paul Otellini dies at 66.


Java Moving Forward With Faster Pace Release Schedule, Modular SystemJava Moving Forward With Faster Pace Release Schedule, Modular System

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At the JavaOne Conference Oracle highlighted a number of new innovations in Java 9 and where Java 18.3 will be headed in the next six months.

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Oracle Launches Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud ServiceOracle Launches Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Service

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Oracle is the latest major IT provider to offer a blockchain cloud service; IBM and Microsoft have both been offering their own version of this for a while.


Key Takeaways From Oracle OpenWorld: AI, Security, 'Cheap' CloudKey Takeaways From Oracle OpenWorld: AI, Security, 'Cheap' Cloud

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At this year's OpenWorld conference, Oracle had plenty of news it was eager to share, including a cloud price war it claims it is winning handily and the use of AI in cloud applications.

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