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Who is Sophie Walker? Women’s Equality Party challenges Philip Davies in general election

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WOMEN’S Equality Party leader Sophie Walker is running against Philip Davies in the general election. But who is she?


Samsung, Philips, Sennheiser Show Off Products to Debut at IFA 1017Samsung, Philips, Sennheiser Show Off Products to Debut at IFA 1017

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The world's tech trade media got a glimpse at some of the new products that will be exhibited at the IFA Berlin 2017 consumer electronics show scheduled for Sept. 1-6.


Erdogan accuses French researcher of inciting assassination

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's lawyer has lodged a complaint against a former French diplomat accusing him of inciting the assassination of Turkey's leader, his spokesman confirmed Monday. The move follows comments by Philippe Moreau Defarges about the outcome of the April 16 referendum on controversial constitutional changes that will tighten the president's grip on power. Defarges, now a senior fellow at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), said all legal paths to challenge Erdogan had been shut off and that the only two options left were civil war or assassination.

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Lahm desperate for DFB-Pokal glory before retirement

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Bayern Munich skipper Philipp Lahm is targeting DFB-Pokal glory before hanging up his boots at the end of the season. The Bavarians meet Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals of the competition on Wednesday as they chase a domestic double. Lahm accepts it will not be an easy game but is determined to see off BVB on his [...]


Women's rights v men's rights?

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MP for Shipley Philip Davies and Women's Equality Party leader Sophie Walker debate the issue of men's and women's rights.


General election 2017: Women's Equality Party leader to challenge MP Philip Davies

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Sophie Walker accuses Philip Davies of misogyny but he calls her plans "extreme political correctness".


I had to say a few words to the boys – Klopp

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hinted at his frustration after Crystal Palace came from behind to win 2-1 at Anfield in the Premier League on Sunday. Third-placed Liverpool had the chance to close the gap on the top two, with Chelsea and Tottenham in FA Cup action, and they looked on track after Philippe Coutinho's stunning free-kick [...]


PSV 1 Ajax 0: Locadia all but ends visitor´s title hopes

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Jurgen Locadia netted the only goal of the game to help PSV to a 1-0 win over Ajax in Sunday's Eredivisie clash at the Philips Stadium to effectively end the Amsterdammers' title hopes. Peter Bosz's men knew they could not afford to slip up following leaders Feyenoord's 2-0 win over Vitesse earlier on Sunday, but [...]


Why this police department's 'hilarious' tweet about 420 is actually super messed up

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While 420, the unofficial holiday for all things weed started as a secret code between some teens, it's become so much the past few years.  As cannabis becomes more accepted in society as states move to legalize recreational and medical marijuana, 420 has become commercialized. Major brands and even police departments are piling on, but instead of celebrating, they're turning pot use into a joke, and it's not always funny. SEE ALSO: This weed company grows pot for your specific moods The Wyoming Police Department caused a stir on Twitter on Thursday with a jokey 420 tweet. "Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today," the tweet read. Attached was a photo of a cop holding a large net, ready to catch a stoner, cartoon style. The trap? A bunch of video games and junk food, you know, because people who smoke pot have the munchies, play video games all day, and are stupid.  Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420 — Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2017 While getting offended at stoner stereotypes is enough to enrage the cannabis community that has tried desperately to turn its image from a college party to a lifestyle brand in recent years, this tweet from a police department has deeper problems. Somehow the Wyoming, Minnesota, police department think it's OK to crack jokes about cannabis being harmless, even using the hashtag #Happy420, but the punchline is that they'll still lock you up for it. @wyomingpd That's a chill joke about how you knowingly imprison harmless people for an arbitrary excuse! — Lev Novak (@LevNovak) April 20, 2017 @wyomingpd Would be funny, but the amount of lives that have been destroyed by unfit legislation makes this a matter not to laugh about... — Philip Evans (@Focian) April 20, 2017 @wyomingpd Yeah, it is so hilarious that people lose their entire livelihoods, families, and freedom. Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal knee slapper that one. — A.M. Pines (@AM_Pines) April 20, 2017 @nyjerrykane @wyomingpd @PissedOff911 Shouldn't be arresting "stoners" to begin with.. should be looking for you know ACTUAL criminals — lewismd12 (@jusfocus) April 20, 2017 Though it's decriminalized to an extent, cannabis is very much illegal in the state of Minnesota. Possessing more than 42.5 grams of marijuana (about one marijuana plant) is a felony, and can land you in jail for five years with a $10,000 fine. The state's medical marijuana laws are also incredibly strict, making it difficult for people to use cannabis for medical purposes.  While some found the tweet hilarious, others found it inappropriate for cops to joke about cannabis where it's illegal.  @wyomingpd Can we also have the badge number of the officer in the picture, the one taking the picture, as well as the captain who authorized this? — A.M. Pines (@AM_Pines) April 20, 2017 But people get mad at everything, right? Sure, but it's important to remember that thousands of people are currently imprisoned in the U.S. for cannabis related charges. Locking people up for holding a small amount of weed has ruined people's lives, broken apart families and cost the public and taxpayers countless dollars. Joking about locking people up for weed isn't funny, especially coming from a police department that wants to do exactly that. For this police department to make a joke out of something that has caused real fear, derision, and permanent consequences in communities is, at least, tone-deaf and, at most, super offensive.  The department did try to backpedal a by tweeting out resources for substance abuse. All jokes aside, substance abuse is a real issue. We use tongue in cheek humor to bring attention to those issues. — Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2017 @wyomingpd Shaming people and then trapping them into the prison industrial complex is sick and gross. This is why people don't trust PDs or cops. — LumpyLauryn (@lumpylauryn) April 20, 2017 MN Department of Human Services website w/ resources for substance abuse: #Happy420 #420 — Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2017 Sadly, this isn't the first time the the Wyoming, Minnesota police cracked a stoner joke. The department tweeted the same lame joke thing last year.  Undercover #420 stings are underway. — Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2016 So could these tweets show that the Wyoming police don't care much about enforcing cannabis laws? Could it show that they are totally chill, and know that it's not something to be put in jail for? Sure. But that's ruined with the image of a cop catching a cannabis user with a net. WATCH: Colorado's Farm-to-Table Marijuana

Tories could drop pledge not to raise taxes, Chancellor Philip Hammond suggests

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He said he would prefer more flexibility as Chancellor.


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