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Board recommends removing author's name from book award

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The Vermont Board of Libraries has recommended that the name of a prominent Vermont author, activist and pioneering education supporter be removed from a children's book award program to better connect with young readers.


Breakthrough enables screening millions of human antibodies for new drug discovery

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A new article outlines a pioneering method of screening a person's diverse set of antibodies for rapid therapeutic discovery. Antibody proteins are an important part of the human immune system that specifically target foreign viruses and bacteria, and they have been the fastest-growing class of approved drugs in the past several decades.


Mathilde Krim, AIDS research pioneer, dies at 91

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Krim devoted her life to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Scientists unleash power of genetic data to identify disease risk

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Massive banks of genetic information are being harnessed to shed new light on modifiable health risks that underlie common diseases. Researchers have pioneered a method to integrate data from multiple large-scale studies to assess risk factors such as body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol levels, and their association with diseases including type two diabetes and heart disease.

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Iran calls Donald Trump ‘mad man’ as US looks to LIFT nuclear sanctions

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DONALD Trump is a “mad man” for planning to pull the plug on a pioneering nuclear deal with Iran, a senior official within the Middle Eastern country has claimed.


A pioneer in snowboarding, Kelly Clark says she has more to achieve

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In her new book, Clark shares how she overcame serious injury and has stayed at the top.

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Pioneering black British footballer dies

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A pioneer for black British footballers, who was sent a bullet in fter he was selected to play for England, has died at the age of 59.


Racing pioneer Dan Gurney dead at 86

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Dan Gurney was the first driver to score victories in each of the Formula One, IndyCar and NASCAR Cup series.

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