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1st-graders send Jags game plan to beat Pats

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Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone revealed on Thursday that a first-grade class from a local school sent a game plan on how to defeat the Patriots. "We're just taking as much advice as we can because we need it," Marrone said.

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Developer says it's moving forward with Keystone XL pipeline

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The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline says it is moving forward with its plans and hopes to begin construction next year.

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Restorsea Grows in Doctor Channel, Plans to License IP

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Restorsea's key ingredient is an enzyme from the salmon-hatching process.

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Stars that devour their planets get brighter and faster

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When the sun expands and engulfs Earth, our planet's ashes will brighten the sun and spin it faster. We might be able to watch this happen across the universe

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Michelle Shigemasa Joins Murad as CEO, Plans Digital Focus

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Shigemasa is planning for an increased focus on digital at the business.


Bloomberg Plans to Discontinue Financial Commentary Brand Gadfly

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The move is part of the company’s effort to consolidate its news service’s opinion offerings.

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Trump administration's infrastructure plan taking shape

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The Trump administration is finalizing its long-awaited infrastructure plan, which would push most of the financing of projects to private investment and state and local taxpayers, according to sources familiar with the proposal taking shape.

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Emirates saves the giant Airbus A380 airliner with a 13 billion euro order

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Emirates has confirmed it will buy 20 A380 planes from Airbus with an option to order another sixteen.


Superjumbo jet future secured by Emirates order

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A big order from Emirates airline saves the A380 after Airbus threatened to stop making the plane.


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