Thursday, 25 May 2017
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WATCH: Chelsea Manning released: The past 'is only my starting point, not my final destination'

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Chelsea Manning was released from military prison after seven years of incarceration at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, a free woman after President Obama commuted her sentence three days before he left office.


Report: Barack Obama Thinks President Trump Is A "Bullsh*tter"

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They played nice for a while, but that was only to accomplish a peaceful transition of power. President Obama has kept his opinion to himself about Donald Trump's presidency, but...


Everything you need to know about Chelsea Manning

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Manning's release of classified information to WikiLeaks sparked controversy. She is now being released after her sentence was commuted by President Obama.


What you need to know about James Comey

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James Comey was nominated by President Obama as FBI Director in 2013 for a 10-year term.


White House was warned about Michael Flynn

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The world learned that President Trump's team got more than one warning about Michael Flynn. One came from President Obama and the other from former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who testified in a Senate hearing. Jeff Pegues has more.


Spicer: It's true, Obama wasn't a fan of Flynn

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During a White House briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that former President Obama told President Trump that he was concerned about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.


Returning to spotlight, former President Obama defends Obamacare

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Receiving the annual Profile in Courage Award at the John F. Kennedy Library Sunday night in Boston, former President Obama took the opportunity to defend the Affordable Care Act, the health care legislation that became the crowning jewel of his legislative legacy, while noting that "progress is fragile." Jan Crawford reports.


Morning brief: Obama offers urgent plea to Congress on health care

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Speaking at the John F. Kennedy President Library and Museum in Boston Sunday night, former President Obama urged Congress to show political courage in the debate over the new health care law, which was passed in the House last week.


Senator Elizabeth Warren Tells Former President Barack Obama ‘Blind Spots ‘R’ Us’

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Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Senator Elizabeth Warren was right to note that politicians were often unaware of their own surroundings, let alone their personal realities. To be sure, on the heels of Barack Obama’s $800,000 political-star speaking fee tour, one from an investment firm and the other a media conglomerate, she said “I think President Obama, like many others in both parties, talks about a set of big national statistics that look shiny and great but increasingly have giant blind spots.” She then added “That GDP, unemployment, no longer reflect the lived experiences of most. And lived experiences of most Americans is that they’re being left behind, worse than...

Trump halts interview after question about his Obama wiretapping claim

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President ends interview with CBS News chief Washington correspondent John Dickerson after being asked about his allegations that former President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower


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