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Venezuelan Forces Kill Rebel Ex-Actor Who Urged Rebellion

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Venezuelan Special Forces killed a former B-movie actor and members of his dissident group in a shootout after they called for armed uprising, officials said on Tuesday, as rights groups called the confrontation an execution.

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Turkish operations against Kurdish forces in Syria to be supported by rebels, says President Erdogan

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President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey's planned military operation against Kurdish militia forces in Syria's Afrin region will be supported by Syrian rebel fighters.


Infamous Rogue Venezuelan Police Officer Clashes With Gov. Forces, Several Dead

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Venezuelan special forces had a dramatic mission on Monday, capturing five members of a band of rebels that were being led by a police officer that has been on the run since stealing a helicopter to lob grenades at government buildings in Caracas last year, according to The CBC. The initial reports were not clear if the rebel officer Oscar Perez was among those captured or killed during the gunbattle after being on the run for the last six months. Perez was updating his own personal social media throughout Monday, uploading videos to Instagram showing his face bloodied as authorities continually shot at their hideout with grenade launchers. State television later read an official statement...

Interview with chef Carlo Cracco: Pushing culinary boundaries

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The Italian chef’s presence on Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel means passengers on board a flight can have a taste of his progressive cuisine. He is known to be a rebel on the Italian food scene, but to chef Carlo Cracco, the history of a dish is still important. “If you know the history of …

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Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles

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Civilians bear the brunt of conflict as Indian forces blow up houses as part of their offensive against rebel fighters.


UN report finds Iran in violation of Yemen arms embargo

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January 13, 2018 10:11 AM
UNITED NATIONS, United States (AFP) - Iran has violated a UN arms embargo by failing to block supplies to Yemen's Houthi rebels of ballistic missiles that were fired at Saudi Arabia, a UN panel of experts says, bolstering US and Saudi claims of Teheran's military involvement in Yemen.


Rebecca Hall Says She Regrets Working With Woody Allen, Too

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Rebecca Hall is the latest actress to renounce working with Woody Allen. After Greta Gerwig said she would not work with Allen again and Mira Sorvino said she believes Dyan Farrow’s allegations of molestation, Hall posted a Time’s Up graphic on Instagram, and addressed her professional history with Allen. Hall ...


SUEZ CRISIS: Yemen rebels threaten to choke major shipping lane using BOMB BOATS

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REBELS in Yemen are using remote-controlled boats loaded with explosives to target Saudi oil tankers in an attempt to block access to one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.

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Have Yemen's Houthis built a surface-to-air missile?

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Houthi rebels in Yemen say they have developed a locally built surface-to-air missile.

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WATCH: Playing with robot puppies at CES

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ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis meets Aibo, Sony's robot dog for companionship.

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