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Birthdays under siege in Yemen: No candles, no presents

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A widowed mother rues her inability to provide for her children living under siege by Houthi rebels in Taiz.


FSA rebels: We would have won if not for Iran

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Tehran helped keep rebels from government centres of power but its rising influence could undermine Assad's government.


Philippines Declares End in Battle With ISIS Rebels

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Combat operations were terminated after troops prevailed in what was the last stand against rebel gunmen in the heart of Marawi who refused to surrender.

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Spain tells Catalonia to IGNORE rebel leaders as Madrid imposes direct rule

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CATALANS should ignore their ‘rebel’ regional leaders as Spain moves to seize control of the separatist region, said Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis.

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SDF says it captured al-Omar oilfield from ISIL

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US-backed rebels oust ISIL fighters 'with little damage' after a 'large-scale' push to seize Syria's biggest oilfield.

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They must be KILLED’ US orders Syrian rebels to show NO MERCY to British ISIS fighters

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US OFFICIALS have told rebel fighters in Raqqa to show no mercy to western ISIS jihadis over fears they could escape and continue the group’s reign of terror.

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Labour could back Tory rebels over Brexit unless Theresa May amends repeal bill, Kier Starmer warns

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Labour will back Tory rebels over Brexit unless Theresa May changes the repeal bill, the party's shadow Brexit secretary has said.

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Catalan independence: THOUSANDS take to Barcelona streets to protest Rajoy power strip

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NEARLY half a million people took to the streets of Barcelona last night to protest against Spain’s decision to strip rebel region Catalonia of its powers and rule directly from Madrid.

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Fighting IS in Philippine city may end

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The Philippines is preparing to declare the end of fighting in a southern city seized for five months by pro-Islamic State rebels, a top military commander says, as troops continued a phased withdrawal from the devastated lakeside city.


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