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Economy up, reforms passed but Greeks still angry

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It was a victory for Greece's government but you would not know it.


Dow cracks 26,000 as earnings take center stage

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The Dow surpassed 26,000 for the first time amid continued optimism over corporate earnings and tax reform.

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MEPs target exports of cyber surveillance tech

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MEPs have introduced a human rights clause into the export of cyber surveillance technology as part of EU-wide reforms to prevent abuse by autocratic regimes. The Strasbourg plenary will vote on the bill on Wednesday.

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[Ticker] Thousands protest as Greece approves bailout reforms

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A majority in the Greek parliament approved on Monday draft legislation prescribed by international lenders in return for for receiving further bailout money. More than 6,000 demonstrators protested outside the parliament building in Athens during the vote, which envisages stricter criteria for holding strikes, as well as fiscal, energy and labour reforms.

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Why you'll want to double check your paycheck in February

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You've probably heard by now that the new tax reform bill will hit your paycheck as soon as February. But the change may not accurately reflect your ultimate tax bill.

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How U.S. Military Base Destroyed Honduras’s Democracy, Paved Way For Invasions

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Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Just the mention of the U.S.’s Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras still sends fear into the heart of many Hondurans, a place where memory is not an endangered species.The ever-expanding military base is not only symbolic of each U.S. intervention and lengthy occupations that followed and which involved the creation of other bases for American troops, but it destroyed Honduras’s democracy and constitutional reforms. Meanwhile, waves of violence triggered by last November’s most recent contested presidential election continue to leave dozens dead and hundreds injured and in jail. Give an Inch and They’ll (U.S. and Pentagon) Take a Country Although...

How Much Will Tax Reform Boost Your Paycheck in 2018?

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New withholding tables have the answer. Find out the details.

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Will the Average American Ever Take This $6,058 Tax Deduction Again?

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Some fear the impacts of tax reform on this key tax break.

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Tunisian government announces reforms after week of unrest

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Tunisia's government on Saturday announced an increase in aid to the needy and improved health care as part of social reforms following a week of unrest triggered by austerity measures. Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Trabelsi told reporters that monthly aid to needy families would rise from 150 dinars (50 euros) to between 180 and 210 dinars (60 and 70 euros). He said reforms which have been in the pipeline for several months would...

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Tunisia protests: Reforms announced after days of unrest

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The government seeks to calm days of unrest, seven years after rallies launched the Arab Spring.


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