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Campbell Soup, Snyder's-Lance shares rise on deal report

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Shares of Campbell Soup and Snyder's-Lance have risen after a report that the soup company is in advanced talks to buy the pretzel maker.

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Higher blood sugar in early pregnancy raises baby's heart-defect risk

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Higher blood sugar early in pregnancy raises the baby's risk of a congenital heart defect, even among mothers who do not have diabetes, according to a study.

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Could high blood sugar in early pregnancy cause heart problems for baby?

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Diabetes puts unborn babies at risk of heart problems. A new study suggests moms without diabetes but high blood sugar could also pose a risk.


Drinking hot tea every day linked to lower glaucoma risk

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Drinking a cup of hot tea at least once a day may be linked to a significantly lower risk of developing the serious eye condition, glaucoma, finds a small study.

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Sofia Richie Drops By The Jewelry Store

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Has The Lord put a ring on it?! Sofia Richie dropped by Polachek's jewelry store in Calabasas yesterday, and it has us wondering if Scott Disick might have secretly proposed?...


One voice

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The Christmas song recorded by singers at risk of serious infection if they meet face-to-face.

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The Dow's 3 Most Pathetic Dividend Stocks

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Find out whether these companies are looking to get rid of their stingy reputations.


Nature’s Best Antibiotic: How to Use Horseradish instead of Antibiotics

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When it comes to fighting bacterial infections and preventing diseases, you should forget about prescription antibiotics and try taking natural antibiotics. Prescription antibiotics can make your body become resistant to antibiotics. Natural antibiotics, on the other hand, can effectively fight infection without the risk of your body developing resistance. For many years, raw horseradish has […]


Could a cup of hot tea each day reduce the risk of glaucoma?

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Glaucoma, an eye condition that can lead to blindness, affects a significant number of older adults. Could a household beverage help to shield us from it?

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High Glucose Levels in Pregnancy Tied to Heart Defects in Babies

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Exercise and a healthful diet during pregnancy may help to lower the risk of heart problems in newborns, one expert advises.

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