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Dragon Ball FighterZ Tales from the Beta - For every Goku, you need a Krillin! | TheXboxHub

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James writes - "With the next instalment of the Dragon Ball series heading to console in a little over a week, Bandai Namco decided to run an Open Beta for their own testing purposes and to allow fans to get a feel for what to expect when Dragon Ball FighterZ hits the stores. Having played most other Dragon Ball games, I was intrigued as to how the usually free-flowing, free-roaming action would cope when limited to a 2.5D fighting arena. But early signs are positive."


Arizona's free-roaming Salt River horses get long-term protection with agreement between state, feds

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The state and federal governments say they have reached an agreement that will ensure long-term protection of the horses near the Salt River.


Court dismisses Vodafone domestic roaming case

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Vodafone's attempt to have the ACCC's draft decision-making process on wholesale mobile domestic roaming ruled to be flawed has been dismissed by the Australian Federal Court.


Telstra doubles quota and expands roaming data pass

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Telstra users can now enjoy international data in Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Laos, and Sri Lanka.


VR free-roaming gameplay from Zero Latency is tons of fun

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You can explore a virtual gravity-defying world, or you can shoot zombies and blast killer robots if that's more to your liking.

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Zero Latency's VR free-roaming gameplay is a lot of imaginary fun

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You can explore a virtual gravity-defying world or shoot zombies and blast killer robots if that's more to your liking.

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The Signature Looks of Riverdale’s Very Fashionable, Very Retro High-Schoolers

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In terms of teen programming, the CW’s Riverdale isn’t that relatable for the modern youths these days: To our knowledge, there isn’t a black-hooded killer roaming around a sleepy suburban town that also doubles as a major heroin mecca. But when it comes to the show’s fashion, things take a ...


RoamingMan Mobile WiFi Hotspot Keeps Globetrotters Connected to WebRoamingMan Mobile WiFi Hotspot Keeps Globetrotters Connected to Web

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REVIEW: On a recent trip to Japan, the RoamingMan portable WiFi hotspot reliably kept the reviewer connected to the internet with no glitches to search for restaurants, points of interest and to check maps.


NTT DoCoMo develops multi-profile SIM for international roaming

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A new SIM developed by NTT DoCoMo will allow customers to switch between profiles, phone numbers, and contracts when they travel overseas to other Conexus Mobile Alliance nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Tiger killed after escaping circus and roaming streets of Paris

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Police in Paris say a tiger escaped from a circus in the city and roamed the streets of the French capital for "some time" before being killed.
Police said that the big cat was "neutralized" by a staff member from the circus near a bridge over the River Seine, about 1.24 miles from the Eiffel Tower....

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