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Most workers fear pay could fall, warns think tank

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The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) says workers across all income bands are worried about falling real pay.


Researchers Directly Observe Microbial Activity in Polar Snow for First Time

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An international team led by University of York researchers has directly observed microbial activity in Antarctic and Arctic snow — an environment once considered sterile. The results appear in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Snow is a highly porous environment, exchanging and entrapping air from the surrounding environment. As more snow is deposited [...]


Physicists Confirm Quantum Theory Proposed in the 1930s

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Professor David McKenzie from the University of Sydney and his PhD student Enyi Guo have demonstrated quantum tunneling in water — a quantum phenomenon first predicted by British theoretical physicist Dr. Ronald Wilfred Gurney in 1931. The research is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. Professor McKenzie and Guo applied quantum techniques [...]


Sheep Have Exceptionally High Face-Recognition Abilities, News Study Reveals

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According to a new study published in the journal Royal Society: Open Science, sheep can be trained to recognise familiar and unfamiliar human faces from photographic portraits. Human face recognition is a critical social skill. Humans recognize familiar faces within milliseconds of seeing them and can learn to identify unfamiliar faces from repeatedly presented images. [...]


Cereal Domestication May Have Started 10,000 Years Earlier than Scientists Thought

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According to a new study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, ancient peoples began to systemically affect the evolution of crops up to 30,000 years ago — around 10,000 years before researchers previously thought. Wild plants contain a gene which enables them to spread or shatter their seeds widely. When a [...]


Londoner's Diary: Rebecca Hall's brush with the curse of Weinstein

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Rebecca Hall credits representatives for protection from Harvey Weinstein... as BBC drops him from Les Miserables adaptation | Stars pay tribute to Muhammad Ali | Eyebrows rise at changes at the Royal Society of Art

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RSA Student Design Awards 2017/18

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The Royal Society of Arts has announced the briefs for the 2017/18 RSA Student Design Awards. The leading global design competition provides students and new graduates with an invaluable network and platform to develop their careers.

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