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John Barton: Royal Shakespeare Company co-founder dies aged 89

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Theatre director John Barton, a co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), has died aged 89.

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Shares of BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Tank After Dividend Disbursement

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Investors don't seem to want to hang on after receiving their checks.


Ostrich Eggs and Flags From Outer Space: Here Are the Unique Gifts the Royals Received in 2017

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When it comes to the art of accepting presents, the royals are quite the experts. After all, they're royal and, as such, everywhere they go they are met with doting fans offering up...

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Pocket Your Share of €200,000 at Royal Vegas Casino

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Better come closer, because we have to be very quiet when it comes to the latest Royal Vegas Casino promotion. Experienced bank robbers are needed in this Casino Heist, which started on 15th January and will last until 31st January. Those of you who succeed in opening the vault will get their share of €200,000 […]


Royal Davui Fiji Completes Renovations

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Royal Davui Island Resort – a private island retreat off the southwestern coast of Viti Levu in Fiji – has recently put the finishing touches on a head-to-toe makeover of the 10-acre property, including an upgraded pool area, a new lounge and a refresh of all 16 private vales (Fijian villas).

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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition DLC Update's $19.99 Price Was a Mistake; Square Enix Clarifies

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Square Enix clarified that the $19.99 price for the "Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack" that will update the base game to the Royal Edition was listed in error.

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Tencent Aids in Arrest of Chinese PUBG Cheaters

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120 PUBG cheaters are under arrest in China with the assistance of publisher Tencent, but the battle royale shooter's cheating problems continue to grow.


Kansas City Royals Pitcher Danny Duffy Pleads Guilty to DUI, Gets Probation

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Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy has taken a plea deal after being busted for a DUI back in August, and he won't get any jail time ... TMZ has learned. Duffy reportedly pled guilty last Thursday and will be placed on probation ... and had to...

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Pick Your Parade: How to Do Mardi Gras in New Orleans

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Mardi Gras is New Orleans at its peak: colorful, over-the-top, and full of vibrant history and tradition. The festivities range from colorful street masks and costumes to balls: masquerade parties that occur at the end of a parade where the Mardi Gras royalty present themselves and party with their friends and the paying public.

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Fortnite: Why its won the Battle (Royale), and is on the way to winning the war

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Fortnite took everything from PUBG and made it infinitely better, argues Rossko of FingerGuns.

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