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Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook continue trash talk after triple-overtime thriller

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Russell Westbrook will not be trolled.

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Trump-Russia: Republicans trying to kill off investigation, says Adam Schiff

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Top Democrat says move against House inquiry is a ploy to damage Mueller-FBI investigation, while Trump declines to rule out pardoning Michael Flynn...

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Some associates think Trump will fire his lawyers if Mueller doesn't clear him by year's end

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The White House and Republican lawmakers are pressing for an end to multiple investigations into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, aiming to clear the president as soon as possible before the taint of scandal further damages his presidency.
President Trump expects to be publicly absolved...


Kushner’s legal team looks to hire crisis public relations firm amid Russia probe

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The president’s son-in-law has been in the headlines almost daily and has complained to friends about the nonstop negative attention.

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Mattis warns of unsafe Russian military flights over Syria

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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is warning against dangerous flights by Russian fighter jets over what is considered a safe zone in Syria, questioning whether recent close calls were mistakes or deliberate.

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Trump details call with Putin, says primary topic was N. Korea

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President Donald Trump says that Russia's Vladimir Putin said some "very nice things" about him during their Thursday phone call


'We’ll SEE!' Trump plays coy about whether he will PARDON Michael Flynn over Russia probe

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PRESIDENT Donald Trump said he did not want to talk about a pardon for former national security adviser Michael Flynn “yet".


Warning to North Korea: Donald Trump to get Russia onside in FIGHT against Kim Jong-un

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NORTH KOREA could soon have to contend with Russia as well as the United States as Donald Trump attempts to get Vladimir Putin onside to combat the rogue state’s nuclear ambitions.


Pentagon alarmed by uptick in close calls with Russia jets in Syria

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December 16, 2017 5:37 AM
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Pentagon is voicing growing alarm that the risky flying of Russian pilots in Syria could lead to a mishap - or even the nightmare scenario of a US jet shooting down a Russian warplane.


EU extends sanctions on Russia over meddling in Ukraine

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December 16, 2017 5:00 AM
BRUSSELS • European Union leaders have agreed to extend for six months tough economic sanctions against Russia over its meddling in Ukraine, EU President Donald Tusk said.


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