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Nobody Was More Excited to See Meghan Markle Than This British Reporter

Added: 02.12.2017 10:01 | 7 views | 0 comments

In the Pantheon of journalism, a few names loom large: Edward R. Murrow, Bob Woodward, Barbara Walters, and, of course, ITV’s Alison Hammond. (You may remember Hammond from her delightful viral interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, in which the trio gently ribs each other, laughs uncontrollably, and sips ...


Dove Cameron's Delightfully Awkward Throwback Pic With Ryan Gosling Proves She's Just Like Us

Added: 27.11.2017 15:48 | 7 views | 0 comments

Dove Cameron is just like us! The gorgeous actress shared a hilariously awesome throwback photo from when she was 13...with Ryan Gosling! Not only did the picture prove she obsessed over...


Aleenta Hua Hin, Thailand – hotel review

Added: 20.11.2017 8:15 | 7 views | 0 comments

Georgie Bentley-Buckle travels past the Thai Royal city of Hua Hin to a hidden coastal gem that champions an organic beach life and is said to be a favourite with celebs including the Beckhams, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Liz Smith, gossip columnist who dished on the boldfaced-name set, dies at 94

Added: 12.11.2017 19:41 | 9 views | 0 comments

Liz Smith started her gossip career in the early 1950s writing about Shelley Winters for a pulp movie magazine and ended it nearly seven decades later tweeting about actor Ryan Gosling. In between, she dished with and about pretty much every author, entertainer, business mogul and political eminence...


Ryan Gosling and More Celebrity Hunks Who Prove Scorpio Season is the Hottest Season in Hollywood

Added: 12.11.2017 9:01 | 10 views | 0 comments

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest Scorpio of them all? Well, if we had to decide today, we'd choose Ryan Gosling...It is his 37th birthday after all! Yes, the...


Damien Chazelle, Give Claire Foy a Bigger Wig Budget!

Added: 07.11.2017 18:13 | 17 views | 0 comments

Production on First Man, Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic starring Ryan Gosling, has begun. Things look good so far: The period piece has a lot of Gosling in a plaid short-sleeved shirt and Gosling with a lasso. But something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and that something is ...


Ross Lynch’s 9-Step Progression From Disney Star to Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

Added: 02.11.2017 8:00 | 10 views | 0 comments

Several Disney Channel stars have gone on to do things that might have scandalized former fans — consider Ryan Gosling freebasing in Half Nelson — but few have embraced the transition like 21-year-old Ross Lynch. Last year, he was playing a teen heartthrob on Disney’s Austin & Ally; on November ...


Blake Lively Gets Revenge on Husband Ryan Reynolds With Hilarious Ryan Gosling Birthday Tribute

Added: 23.10.2017 19:06 | 10 views | 0 comments

Happy Birthday, Ryan Reynolds! The actor turned 41 on Monday and his wife took to Instagram to hilariously celebrate the occasion. "Happy Birthday, baby," Lively wrote alongside...

Do Androids Dream of Colossal Women?

Added: 12.10.2017 9:00 | 11 views | 0 comments

One of the earliest, most intriguing images that appeared in trailers for Blade Runner 2049 was that of Ryan Gosling walking toward an enormous head of a female figure, in the irradiated ruins of what appeared to be Las Vegas. It was striking because of its graphic starkness, and its ...


The Vulnerability of Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Added: 11.10.2017 12:53 | 11 views | 0 comments

Spoilers below for Blade Runner 2049.Ryan Gosling has never been convincing playing the tough guy.Maybe it’s that his icy demeanor is undercut whenever he speaks, sounding like he studied Marlon Brando a bit too much and for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps it’s because his body bristles with anxiety and ...


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