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All Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Announced for 2018

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Get a feel for some of the amazing titles coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2018.

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After Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces is a Step Back - OnlySP

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OnlySP: "Sonic Forces, out next month on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, revisits the era-spanning gameplay of 2011s Sonic Generations in an attempt to recapture the magic that made that title the best new console platformer for the character since 2001s Sonic Adventure 2."

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Street Fighter Vs New Character Zeku Gets Gameplay Trailer Showing his Moves and Two Forms

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Street Fighter V's new character Zeku has a very unique mechanic, with the ability to switch between young and old forms.

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New Game Review 1-2-Switch (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

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1-2-straight to the bargain bin WTMG's Leo Faria writes: "I find it pretty hard to recommend 1-2-Switch. There is some potential in this title. It could have been a great pack-in title, a nice little freebie, a neat tech demo for all Switch users. Because, in the end, thats what 1-2-Switch is: a glorified tech demo, and a very very very expensive one at that. If you can find a used copy in a year or two for less than twenty bucks, then go for it. If not, just hope some friend of yours owns this game, then just play it for a couple of hours."


Neon Chrome Review - Switch Era

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If youre a Switch owner then you might know that there are two things that currently hold true: there are plenty of top-down rogue like games, and, excluding Splatoon 2, there is a huge lack of shooters on the system until DOOM comes out. Neon Chrome is a mixture of those two genres that offers just enough content to be worth its price.


Fire Emblem Warriors Review | Switch Player

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Ryan Craddock reviews Fire Emblem Warriors, the Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors mash-up on the Nintendo Switch.

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Swiss executive asks voters to reject paid paternity leave

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Switzerland's executive body is advising voters to reject a ballot initiative that would grant new fathers at least 20 days of paid paternity leave.


88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition Review | Switch Player

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Ive got 98 problems, but choosing a Switch game aint one!

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Violett Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Week

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Forever Entertainment has announced that its point-and-click adventure Violett is coming to Nintendo Switch next week.


On Halloween, Insensitivity Goes Beyond Kimonos And Black Face

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Halloween is nigh. Does your costume pass the racial sensitivity test? That's our topic this week on Ask Code Switch.


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