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Millénaire Footbridge / Explorations Architecture

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Le “Millénaire” is a recent mixed-used development located on the North of . The development is centered around an old shipping dock which is connected to the canal Saint-Denis, ’ second most important waterway after the river Seine. The 180m long footbridge spans the dock in order to create a new promenade along the canal.

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Paris set to build THREE garden bridges over the River Seine

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Paris has opened bids for three garden bridges to be built over the Seine.

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Great Dane breeder testifies in animal cruelty trial

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A woman whose 84 Great Danes were seized from her New Hampshire home has testified in court that she took good care of the dogs.


Destiny 2 review - ChristCenteredGamer

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The story this time has an evil Cabal (alien race) leader named Ghaul (or as fans have now nicknamed him Gary) strike at the guardians tower on Earth and then try to seize control of the power of the Traveler ( a large orb about a 10th of the size of the moon) and take over the power it gives to guardians to protect the universe from evil. Thus as Ghaul (aka Gary) takes control of the Traveler (so he thinks) the guardians lose all their powers and abilities and become mortal.

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Will Try for Another Baby Next Year, Source Says

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Parenthood looks good on Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk! The A-list actor and his supermodel partner welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper, in April. Now...


Colombian police seize 12 tonnes of cocaine in biggest-ever drugs bust

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The haul is thought to be worth £274 million

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Colombia seizes 12 tonnes of cocaine

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Police have seized more than 12 tonnes of cocaine from Colombia's top crime gang, the biggest haul ever in the nation's long-running fight against drug trafficking.

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Texas massacre is seized on by both sides in gun debate

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Gun-rights supporters have seized on the Texas church massacre as proof of the well-worn saying that the best answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.


Trump Twitter account briefly goes down, critics seize at the chance to ridicule him

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Trump's account was down for around five minutes around 7 p.m. Thursday.

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