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Taylor Swift's No Hero for Speaking at Sexual Assault Trial, Says David Mueller

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Taylor Swift's not quite the hero TIME magazine made her out to be, because she didn't want to take the stand in the "butt grabbing" trial ... she was forced to do so, according to David Mueller. Mueller, the accused butt grabber, thinks...


Female Kansas congressional candidate drops out over sexual harassment claim by male subordinate

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Given the months-long stream of allegations of sexual harassment by powerful people, the big political news in Kansas on Friday sounded numbingly familiar: A prominent Democratic congressional candidate quit the 2018 race after journalists unearthed a former subordinate’s claim of sexual harassment....


Japanese Snow Monkeys Are Having Sexual Contact With Wild Deer And Scientists Aren’t Exactly Sure Why

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Macaque monkeys, also known as snow monkeys, are getting sexual gratification from wild deer and scientists aren’t completely sure why. As Inverse reports, there have been going around showing adolescent female snow monkeys mounting sika deer in a sexual manner. A team of researchers has been investigating this behavior and their findings have been in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.
The research has shown that it was primarily adolescent female macaques who were mounting the deer. There are a couple of reasons why these teenage primates might be engaging in this sexual behavior. Firstly, sex with male macaques can be life-threatening for them so they could be looking for a safer way to relieve their sexual tension. This is one of the reasons why they often see female same-sex encounters within this species.


Hollywood Execs Formed a Sexual Harassment Commission Led By Anita Hill

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On Friday, following the onslaught of women and men coming forward with sexual harassment and assault accusations in Hollywood, dozens of leading executives in entertainment came together with independent experts and advisors to form and fund a commission dedicated to fighting gender inequality.The Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality ...


Congressional candidate Andrea Ramsey leaves race after sexual harassment allegations

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December 16, 2017 1:05 PM
NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - A woman running to flip a Kansas congressional seat from red to blue next year is ending her campaign after allegations surfaced that she had sexually harassed, and then fired, a former subordinate.


Nevada Congressman Ruben Kihuen faces sexual harassment probe

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The US House Ethics Committee has announced it had opened an investigation into a Democratic representative accused of sexually harassing two women, while a female congressional candidate who was accused of harassment dropped out of a race.


Female congressional candidate leaves race after sexual harassment allegations resurface

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Andrea Ramsey was hoping to turn a Kansas district from red to blue. But decade-old allegations complicated her candidacy.

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Correction: Sexual Assault Allegation-Kentucky story

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In a Dec. 14 story about former Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson, the Associated Press incorrectly reported that the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting wrote that Maranda Richmond went to police two years ago about being sexually assaulted in 2012 and that it found no evidence that Johnson was in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.


Gene Simmons Sued For Sexual Assault

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Gene Simmons is being sued for allegedly groping a woman during the opening of a restaurant last month. The lawsuit -- filed by a Jane Doe -- claims she interviewed Simmons last month at the opening of a Rock & Brews in San Bernardino. The...


Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me 2 Pulled from YouTube Red and Sundance Film Festival

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Following Morgan Spurlock’s lengthy confessional Twitter post, titled “I am Part of the Problem,” the future of his Supersize Me sequel is unclear. The documentary filmmaker admitted to a history of sexual misconduct, including a workplace sexual-harassment claim he settled (“It wasn’t a gropy feely harassment. It was verbal, and ...


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