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Shia LaBeouf in Call Me by Your Name and Other Stars Almost Cast in 2017 Movies

Added: 07.12.2017 12:31 | 3 views | 0 comments

In Call Me by Your Name, Armie Hammer plays the all-American object of desire, but would the movie have worked as well if Shia LaBeouf had taken his role instead? That was the intent of original director James Ivory, who cast LaBeouf as Oliver, the grad student who romances a ...


Shia LaBeouf Names Suspected 'HWNDU' Flag Thieves, Triggers Investigation

Added: 06.12.2017 4:23 | 3 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf took matters into his own hands by naming 2 people who he says stole his "He Will Not Divide Us" flag ... which, in turn, got cops off their asses. Shia posted a statement Monday in which he ID'd Joseph and Maigann Hutchins as the folks...


Showbiz Minute: Weinstein, Brolin, LaBeouf

Added: 20.10.2017 7:22 | 13 views | 0 comments

Harvey Weinstein accused of rape by unidentified Italian actress; Josh Brolin speaks out about the freak accident that killed a stuntwoman on the set of 'Deadpool 2;' Shia LaBeouf sentenced to a year on probation. (Oct. 20)


Shia Labeouf Gets Sent to Anger Management After Racist Run-In with Cops

Added: 19.10.2017 20:07 | 9 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf got into a scuffle with police officers in Savanah, Georgia back in July and is now paying the price.


Shia LaBeouf Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor Charge of Public Drunkenness

Added: 19.10.2017 15:13 | 11 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of public drunkenness. As you may recall, the actor was arrested in July on suspicion of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and...


TMZ Live: Kevin Hart: Cashing In On Sex Tape Scandal

Added: 19.10.2017 14:23 | 15 views | 0 comments

ON TODAY'S SHOW Shia LaBeouf: In Court For Drunken Arrest Chris Pratt & Anna Faris: The New Man! Harvey Weinstein: Financial Freefall Serena Williams & Marc Anthony: The Big Duet

Shia LaBeouf Cops Plea Deal in Drunken Savannah Arrest

Added: 19.10.2017 11:23 | 8 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf entered a guilty plea for his public intoxication arrest -- the one where he went off on a racist rant -- and the judge is sending him to anger management. Shia entered the Savannah, GA courtroom Thursday morning, and didn't get any...


Shia LaBeouf Says It's Fair Game to Call L.A. Bartender a Racist

Added: 22.09.2017 13:26 | 13 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf has a pretty simple response to the L.A. bartender who sued him after Shia called him a "f**king racist bitch" -- tough noogies, dude. According to docs filed by Shia, and obtained by TMZ ... his defense in the slander lawsuit is that...


TIFF 2017: Borg/McEnroe opens Toronto film festival

Added: 09.09.2017 0:25 | 14 views | 0 comments

The tennis drama starring Shia LaBeouf turns heads in Toronto, although early reviews are mixed.


ShowBiz Minute: LaBeouf, Lovato, Klum

Added: 08.09.2017 6:23 | 13 views | 0 comments

Shia LaBeouf greets fans as his tennis drama "Borg/McEnroe" opens Toronto International Film Festival; Demi Lovato working to help those affected by DACA; Heidi Klum showcases supermarket chic at NY Fashion Week. (Sept. 8)


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