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Apple, Alphabet employee buses damaged by vandals during commute

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Vandals damaged Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc charter buses carrying employees to and from work in California's Silicon Valley in recent days, police said on Thursday.


Apple and Google buses under fire in Silicon Valley

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Buses carrying Apple and Google employees to work have been targeted while en route.


'Alt-right' escalates war against Silicon Valley, pledges to expose bias against conservatives

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New lawsuits plus a series of videos are the latest volleys in growing campaign to expose tech industry's alleged discrimination against conservatives.


Big tech defends handling of extremist content in Senate hearing

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It's Silicon Valley vs. Washington, take two.


Facebook is a 'living, breathing crime scene,' says tech insider

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Three Silicon Valley insiders, including Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor, are sounding off on what they say is Facebook's failure to protect users.

'Silicon Valley' trailer offers new internet and, well, vomit

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Commentary: Season 5 of the HBO show returns in March with great challenges for our modern-day tragicomic heroes.

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Here’s Your First Look at Silicon Valley Without T.J. Miller

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With T.J. Miller off the show, Silicon Valley will return this March in rebooted form. Richard’s trying to build his “new internet,” which means he has a bunch more employees, while Jian’s taken control of the incubator himself. Expect everyone to fail spectacularly and then somehow fall upward. Silicon Valley ...


Why is everyone so excited about Nvidia?

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A Silicon Valley company that for years was a household name only for video gamers now finds itself playing a starring role across the tech industry.


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