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Airplane Mode: An Odd and Unsettling New Era in Air Travel

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Elbow-to-elbow seating, oversized comfort pets, midcabin standoffs — and passengers armed with their smartphones.

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The next must-have smartphone upgrades: Components you can swap yourself, and a conscience

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Fairphone has launched its first camera upgrade module as well as announcing a €6.5m funding injection.


Face, fingerprint, passwords, or PIN: What's the best way to keep your smartphone secure?

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Apple's Face ID has caused a stir -- but are biometrics really the best way to boost mobile security?


Sainsbury's Could Soon Replace The Checkout With An App On Your Smartphone

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Sainsbury’s is currently testing an app that allows customers to forgo the checkout entirely and pay for their shopping through their smartphones. T...


LG's V30 smartphone 'leaves gimmicks behind'

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The device has an OLED display and advanced camera features but no second screen or add-on modules.


​M1 launches Mobile Guard malware detection tool for smartphones

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The telco's M1 Mobile Guard solution is powered by Nokia's NetGuard Endpoint Security network-based anti-malware platform.


Driver's licences to go digital in South Australia

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In October, South Australians will be able to keep a digital version of their driver's licence on their smartphones.


Chinese consumers are purchasing new phones less frequently: Report

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The number of Chinese consumers who plan to purchase a new smartphones every year has declined notably to 2017, signifying that handset sales may further slow down in the world's most populated economy.


Music to our ears

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There must be a godzillion different music apps available so if you are a Smartphone user the world is your oyster as


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