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Daniel Bryan Is "Disappointed" in Brie Bella for Registering for a $400 Baby Monitor in Total Bellas Sneak Peek

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Oh, baby! In this sneak peek from tomorrow night's all-new episode of Total Bellas, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are stocking up on baby supplies ahead of daughter Birdie Joe...


Investors wait for signs from Fed

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Record-high world stocks have paused and the dollar has dipped, as investors waited for signals from the Federal Reserve on when it will start shrinking its balance sheet and nudge up US interest rates again.

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Tensions in St. Louis: How did we get here?

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Since white ex-St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted Friday in the 2011 fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old black man, demonstrators have taken to the streets every night. Largely peaceful in the daytime and sometimes turning violent after dark, the protests have reignited the national conversation over race, police conduct and the use of the deadly force.


Do You Like the New Nintendo?

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Downloadable content, microtransactions, season passes, toys to life, expansions, mobile apps, special editions and post-launch patches. If you have asked anyone a few years ago, almost none of these terms would have applied to Nintendo, a company that had (depending on your world view) either was stoic or stubborn in its refusal to adopt many of the tropes that make modern gaming what it is. But nowadays, each of these applies to the big N, which (judging by their surge in stock price) has been good for their bottom line but can the same be said for the gamers who stuck by the company through thick and thin? Do you even like this new Nintendo?"


3 High-Yield Pharmaceutical Stocks

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On the hunt for a fat dividend yield? These three big pharma stocks deliver.

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Asian shares mixed as Nikkei rises on yen, muted elsewhere

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U.S. stocks were modestly higher in early trading Monday, building on the market's gains from last week, its best week since the beginning of the year.

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Global Markets: Japan Rises After Holiday Break

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Japan was a bright spot in global markets, coming off a holiday a day earlier, as stocks elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region were muted.

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Equifax Suffered Hack Five Months Earlier Than The Date It First Disclosed

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Equifax reportedly learned about a major breach of its computer systems in March, five months before the date it publicly disclosed the breach, which creates a new timeline that puts into question the implications for executive stock sales before the announcement, according to Bloomberg. The company released a statement on Monday that said the March breach was not related to the hack that exposed personal and financial data for 143 million U.S. and Canadian consumers, but one of the people involved said the breaches came from the same intruders. The two major incidents occurred within a few months of each other and create a growing crisis for the company, which is the subject of multiple...

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How major US stock market indexes fared Monday

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U.S. stocks closed modestly higher Monday, led by banks and other financial companies.


An Alternative Bullish ETF Strategy to Capitalize on Short Squeeze Opportunities

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Investors seeking an alternative to traditional equity and fixed income strategies may consider looking into a specialized ETF strategy that capitalizes on “short squeezes” in the stock market. The Active Alts Contrarian ETF (NasdaqGM: SQZZ) intends to generate capital appreciation via investing in domestic securities in addition to ADR’s traded on the US exchanges. The [...]


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