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Delphi Technologies posts record revenue, income drop

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In its first quarterly report since Delphi Automotive split, Delphi Technologies reported record revenue but lower net income.


Technology companies help drive US stocks broadly higher

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Technology companies and banks helped drive U.S. stocks broadly higher in early trading Thursday.


'Boy, he delivered a powerful sermon': Billy Graham wowed those who witnessed him

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He was remembered, mourned and celebrated around a world to which he preached Christ's gospel with every communications technology he could tap.


Elon Musk quits AI ethics research group

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One of the most vocal critics of AI quits the ethics board as Tesla utilises the technology.


Fin tech

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Fish farming is big business and producers are adopting new technologies to expand and cut costs.


LiDAR Survey Reveals Numerous Ancient Maya Structures in Guatemalan Jungle

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An ambitious LiDAR (light detection and ranging) survey of forested areas in Guatemala has revealed more than 60,000 previously undetected ancient structures, including isolated houses, large palaces, ceremonial centers, and stone pyramids. LiDAR technology is able to pierce through thick forest canopy and map features on the Earth’s surface. The maps can often reveal changes [...]


Analogue goes digital: how old formats are being given a new lease of life

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Tony Chambers on the old formats that are being given a fresh lease of life by new technology, maximalist club decor and North Korean cool

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Finn Partners launches TravelTech alongside Brighter Group

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Global marketing and communications firm, Finn Partners, has launched a dedicated travel technology group, TravelTech. Finn Partners has more than 100 people in its global technology practice, and one of the largest tourism teams in the world.


Land Rover's Explore phone won't flake out on a mountain hike

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Like the outdoors? Like your technology to function properly in the outdoors? Take a look at the Land Rover Explore with AR, crazy battery and premium maps to boot.

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