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16 hurt as Thai tourist speedboat explodes

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A tourist speedboat has exploded just off Thailand's popular island of Phi Phi, injuring 16 people on board.

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Yakuza boss arrested in Thailand after tattoos go viral

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He's been on the run for 15 years, but pictures of his tattoos on Facebook helped police catch him.


Travelers to Thailand Should Expect a Longer Trip to Bangkok’s Airport

Added: 10.01.2018 14:35 | 4 views | 0 comments

Today’s tip—like Thursday’s—comes from the U.K.’s travel advisory service. It concerns travelers to Thailand and construction on the roadways to/from Bangkok’s airport (BKK): “Due to...

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Common Treeshrew is Evolutionary Rule-Breaker, Researchers Say

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The common treeshrew (Tupaia glis) — a small mammal native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia — defies two widely tested rules that describe patterns of geographical variation within species: the island rule and Bergmann’s rule, according to a research team led by Yale University Professor Eric J. Sargis. “There are a number of ecogeographical ‘rules’ [...]


Thai prime minister tells journalists to ask their questions to cardboard cutout, then walks away

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In a bizarre move highlighting the pressures journalists are facing worldwide, Thailand's prime minister on Monday assigned a life-sized cardboard mock-up of himself to respond to tough questions by journalists.
"If you want to ask any questions on politics or conflict," Prime Minister Prayuth...


Thai Prime Minister uses cutout of self to avoid questions

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Thailand's Prime Minister on Monday evaded questions by bringing out a life-sized cardboard cut-out of himself, and telling reporters to "ask this guy" if they had "any questions on politics or conflict."


Thai PM uses cardboard cutout to avoid questions

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Thailand's prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha found a novel way to dodge tricky questions from journalists.


'Ask this guy': Thai Prime Minister leaves cardboard cutout to answer baffled journalists' questions

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Thailand's Prime Minister adopted a unique tactic to avoid tricky questions from reporters - leaving a cardboard cutout of himself for reporters to quiz.

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Thailand PM Prayuth Chan-ocha criticised for cardboard cutout gesture

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Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, known for his temperamental outbursts, has adopted a unique tactic to avoid tricky questions from reporters -- leave a cardboard cutout of himself for reporters to quiz.


Thai Foreign Minister Claims Fugitive Former PM Yingluck Is In London

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Thailand's former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is allegedly in Britain after fleeing the country last year in order to avoid jail time for a rice subsidy scheme that lost the country billions of dollars, according to Reuters. Thailand's foreign minister said on Tuesday that they believe Yingluck is in London after two photographs were widely shared across social media that purportedly show Yingluck. The first image showed Yingluck posing with a woman wearing a red coat with a caption that said the two were outside London's Harrods department store, while the second image shows Yingluck at London's Westfield shopping mall. Thai police said they verified that one of the photographs was...

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