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Scientists say Martian ice deposits could potentially sustain human outposts in the future

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Scientists using images from an orbiting NASA spacecraft have detected eight sites where huge ice deposits near the Martian surface are exposed on steep slopes, a potential source of water that could help sustain future human outposts.


Brother-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. dies at 83

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The brother-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. and a founding member of The Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change has died.


Brother-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. dies at 83

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Isaac Newton Farris Sr. was a founding member of the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta.


Study: Martian Surface Water Was Absorbed by Planet’s Crust

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According to a new study published in the journal Nature, the Sun may not have evaporated away all of the Martian surface water after all; instead, Mars’ water was absorbed by the planet’s crust over time, leaving its surface essentially dry. “The public’s infatuation with finding life on Mars stems from the many characteristics both [...]


Mars: Not as dry as it seems

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Two new articles have shed light on why there is, presumably, no life on Mars. Although today's Martian surface is barren, frozen and inhabitable, a trail of evidence points to a once warmer, wetter planet, where water flowed freely -- and life may have thrived. The conundrum of what happened to this water is long standing and unsolved. However, new research suggests that this water is now locked in the Martian rocks.

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Absolver gets new 3v3 mode in biggest content update yet

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Sloclap and the martial artists of Devolver Digital have released online combat brawler Absolvers biggest update since launch (1.11) headlined by the new 3v3 Overtake mode and a slew of new character options.


"The Martian" author Andy Weir is happy to stay an "earthbound misfit"

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Weir talks about his new moon-set murder mystery "Artemis," his lifelong struggle with anxiety and why he answers all his fan mail


Albert Haynesworth: Tennessee Won't Hire Tee Martin Because He's Black

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Albert Haynesworth says his ex-teammate Tee Martin would be the perfect fit to take over as head coach at Tennessee ... but says it'll never happen because he's black. Martin isn't just a legend at UT -- he's also been a rising star as the...


NASA: Mars' strange streaks might not be water after all

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New research suggests another possible origin for mysterious, recurring streaks in the Martian landscape.

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