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Selena Gomez: 'It was life-or-death before my kidney transplant'

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Selena Gomez has assured fans she's "doing quite well" following her kidney transplant earlier this year (17).


Selena Gomez Rises From the Ashes With Emotional 2017 American Music Awards Performance

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She's back! Performing live for the first time in over a year and for the first time since her kidney transplant over the summer, Selena Gomez came and got it during her performance...


David Cassidy 'conscious and surrounded by family'

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David Cassidy is in need of a liver transplant and is also reportedly suffering from kidney failure.


David Cassidy: Ex-Partridge Family star suffers organ failure

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He is reported urgently to require a liver transplant and has kidney problems.


Small changes to organ procurement system could lead to more life-saving transplants

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Slight changes to the system for allocating deceased-donor kidneys could result in higher rates of organ procurement and lead to more kidney transplants across the country, according to new research.

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Microbiome transplants provide disease resistance in critically-endangered Hawaiian plant

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A team of researchers transplanted microbes to restore the health of a critically endangered Hawaiian plant that, until now, had been driven to extinction in the wild and only survived in managed greenhouses under heavy doses of fungicide.


New hope for patients awaiting corneal transplants

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New national research has found that corneal donor tissue can be safely stored for 11 days before transplantation surgery to correct eye problems in people with diseases of the cornea. This is four days longer than the current conventional maximum of seven days in the United States.

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Understanding the Berlin patient's unexpected cure of HIV

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Researchers have a new way to understand the much-studied Berlin patient's unexpected cure from HIV and improve outcomes of stem cell transplants for patients with other blood-related diseases such as leukemia and sickle-cell disease. A team has shown a species of monkey called Mauritian cynomolgus macaques can successfully receive stem cell transplants.

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Watch the emotional moment a widow meets the man who received husband's face in transplant

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This is the emotional moment a widow met the man who received her deceased husband's face in a surgical transplant.

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Tearful meeting for face transplant pair

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Standing in a Mayo Clinic library, Lilly Ross reached out and touched the face of a stranger, prodding the rosy cheeks and eyeing the chin she once had known so well.


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