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Uber and Volvo are upping their self-driving car agreement

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Progression from infection to pulmonary tuberculosis follows distinct timeline

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Researchers have uncovered a sequence of biological processes that occur in humans infected with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the infection progresses to pulmonary tuberculosis.

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Uber and Volvo strike deal for 24,000 self-drive cars

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Uber plans to purchase up to 24,000 cars from Volvo before 2021 to build a self-drive fleet.

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Scott, Penelope, And Mason Are An Uber-Fashionable Trio!

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Scott Disick and his kids are true fashion plates! Just look at the risk the Lord is taking with an all-red outfit on Sunday for an outing to the...


Uber rolls out location sharing and glowing windshields

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Uber is trying to make it less annoying to find your driver.

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Uber updates its app to help you find your driver more easily

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The ride-hailing company adds new features, like "request for a guest," live location sharing, and a glowing windshield "beacon" light.

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Jameis Winston Gets Backup from Friend Who Disputes Uber Sexual Assault Allegations

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Jameis Winston is getting backup from another NFL player who says he's positive the QB didn't sexually assault an Uber driver back in 2016 ... because he was in the car that night. The witness is Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby --...


Ohio governor candidate deletes sexual conquest Facebook post, but doesn't regret it

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An Ohio Supreme Court justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate said on Facebook that people should "lighten up" after deleting a previous post outlining his sexual history with women that drew widespread criticism for trivializing sexual harassment and sexual assault.
William O'Neill's original...


YouTube Conspiracy Theorist Alleges Apollo 17 Moon Landing Was Faked By NASA

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A YouTube user claims to have evidence that NASA’s Apollo 17 moon landing was “fake,” adding to the list of conspiracy theories doubting the fact that America was responsible for putting the first men on the moon.
Three years after Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men on the moon, NASA in December 1972, as astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent a shade over 22 hours on the lunar surface, while Ronald Evans stayed onboard the spacecraft and orbited the moon. This mission allowed Cernan and Schmitt to become the last men to walk on the moon, but a recent video from a YouTuber named “Streetcap1” has cast doubt on this accomplishment.


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