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Dead Stock Walking: Sears Holdings Has Nowhere to Go but Down

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This zombie retailer thinks it's clinging to life, but it's dead and just doesn't know it.


Fear the Walking Dead: Burning In Water… Poses the Right Questions

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The world of the Ottos' ranch -- and the desert surrounding it -- continues to get stranger

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Walking Dogs Has Been Banned by Militant Group Hamas

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The militant group that runs the Gaza Strip has decreed dogs can't be walked in markets, roads and along beaches, making life hard for canines and their humans.

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House in Sangenjaya / Schemata Architects

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There is a dead-end street sandwiched between two mid-rise buildings at a three-minute walking distance from Sangenjaya station. Peeking into the narrow street, one finds the space suddenly opens up to the sky and the 52-year old building quietly standing at the dead-end. Our client’s grandfather had been using the building as his clinic and a private house for his family for a long time, before the client inherited it and asked us to do the renovation.

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Koch network withholding support of Senate health-care bill, pushing for changes

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“In all candor, we’ve been disappointed that movement is not more dramatic toward a full repeal or rollback (of the Affordable Care Act). But we’re not walking away,” said Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity.

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Why this woman is crusading for toplessness

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Chelsea Covington never intended that her insistence that women be treated fairly while walking the beach would become a national story about appearing topless in Ocean City.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Review | A Survivors Life for Me - OnlySP

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"Telltale Games is the legendary developer that launched a new revolution in episodic gaming. The team has consistently outdone itself with the first two seasons of The Walking Dead (TWD) (adapted from the hit Skybound multimedia franchise) particularly when compared to the likes of the Batman, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft series... The strong choice-based interactive narrative, clever writing, comic-grungy art style, and haunting/setting-and-situation-appropriate music culminate in a masterpiece of a season worth every penny of the admission fee." Score: Distinction

Personalized exoskeletons are taking support one step farther

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Researchers have developed an exoskeleton system that provides personalized support for its user. In healthy volunteers, the optimized exoskeleton reduced energy expenditure during walking by 24 percent, on average, compared to when the system was not providing personalized support.

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Lewis Hamilton dismisses talk of walking away from Formula One

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Lewis Hamilton believes he can race on until he is 40 after rejecting his own suggestion that he could stun Formula One by retiring at the end of the season.


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