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How free wi-fi is transforming India's rail stations

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Free high-speed wi-fi is now being offered at 115 stations on India's railway network.


Ubiquiti Earnings Preview: What Investors Need to Know

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Investors were greeted with a 25% decline last time around. What will the Wi-Fi rule-breaker do this time around?

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Please let this iPhone wireless charging feature actually exist

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It may not happen with this year’s iPhone 8, but Apple dreams of charging its future products with the help of conventional Wi-Fi routers or even other Apple products. The technology would not only offer a way for various devices to potentially be used as wireless chargers but would also fix the most annoying thing about wireless charging nowadays: You still have to place a device in the proximity of a charging mat or device.

Early iPhone 8 rumors suggested the iPhone will feature wireless charging powers unlike anything currently seen on mobile devices. That’s long-range wireless charging support that would allow an iPhone owner to keep using a device while the battery would recharge wirelessly. Multiple reports have shot down that rumor, and more recent leaks do not mention anything about long-range support, although the iPhone 8 is still expected to feature wireless charging.

The US Patent & Trademark Office, meanwhile, published on Thursday an Apple patent application titled Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas that describes antenna technology that would support simultaneous wireless charging and Wi-Fi support on a device.
First discovered by , the patent doesn’t specifically mention the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. And the drawings do not show anything resembling any of these devices. But the patent’s wording indicates that the wireless charging technology described herein can apply to a variety of Apple gadgets, not just the iPhone.
Apple's choice of words practically covers any device currently made by Apple, but also future gadgets that are yet to be unveiled:
Device 10A and/or device 10B may be a computing device such as a laptop computer, a computer monitor containing an embedded computer, a tablet computer, a cellular telephone, a media player, or other handheld or portable electronic device, a smaller device such as a wrist-watch device, a pendant device, a headphone or earpiece device, a device embedded in eyeglasses or other equipment worn on a user's head, or other wearable or miniature device, a television, a computer display that does not contain an embedded computer, a gaming device, a navigation device, an embedded system such as a system in which electronic equipment with a display is mounted in a kiosk or automobile, equipment that implements the functionality of two or more of these devices, or other electronic equipment.
What’s interesting about this type of ambiguous language is that it also seem to indicate that Apple may be thinking about peer-to-peer wireless charging. For example, a MacBook connected to a power source might recharge an iPhone in the future. The technology might even allow iPhone owners to share battery power in the future.
The patent explains that the devices may communicate wirelessly over Wi-Fi or cellular connection and that the same frequencies used for getting online or connecting to a carrier’s network might also be used for wirelessly charging a battery or providing energy to a device.
The patent describes dual-frequency dual-polarization patch antennas that “may be used in beam steering arrays” and which may be used for “wireless power transfer at microwave frequencies or other frequencies and may be used to support millimeter wave communications.”

What’s interesting about these patch antennas is that they would be flat components placed over a flat metal surface inside a device. Earlier this week, a leaked iPhone 8 schematic showed what seemed to be the location of the phone’s future wireless charging coil — see that big patch under the Apple logo in the image above?
Again, there’s nothing to suggest the iPhone 8 will sport such wireless charging tech. Even if the iPhone 8 would support it, you’d still need a second device to sport the same time of hardware so that long-range wireless charging would actually work.

How to snooze your Wi-Fi in the Windows 10 Creators Update

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When the siren songs of Facebook, Twitter, and [insert your favorite site here] are calling, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. A popular way to enforce focus is to just turn off your Wi-Fi connection until that term paper, quarterly report, or data entry is done.
If that’s your go-to strategy, the has a helpful new tool that will remember to restore your internet connection for you. That’s right, your Wi-Fi now has a snooze button.
To get started, click on the Wi-Fi icon in your taskbar, and when the panel listing all the available Wi-Fi connections appears, click the Wi-Fi tile in the lower-left corner.


Apple patents method to charge devices wirelessly using Wi-Fi router

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This week, Apple was granted a patent for a method that could mean users would be able to charge their iPhones wirelessly using a Wi-Fi router.


Amazon's New Echo Look Makes Alexa the Fashion Police

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Alexa, do these pants make me look fat? Amazon's newest voice-powered device, the Echo Look, is a $199 Wi-Fi connected camera that you can use to check out how you look in your favorite outfits. When you say "Alexa, take a picture" or "Alexa, take a video," the Echo Look will snap a shot of you, and then upload it to the Echo Look app, where you can review what you're wearing and what you've worn in the past.

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Amazon Will Comp You A Dash Button When You Buy 2, and Then $4.99 Once You Use It - Deal Alert

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Right now if you buy two Dash Buttons, Amazon will give you one for free, and then a $4.99 credit the first time you actually use it. So when the dust settles, if my math holds up, you just got 2 Dash buttons for free with this deal (list price on Dash is $4.99) making this a no-brainer if you've been thinking about trying Dash out. Amazon Dash is a simple Wi-Fi connected gadget that lets you order your favorite things with just the push of a button. Keep it by your washing machine, your pet food, or in the bathroom closet. When you notice you're running low, just press the button and Amazon ships it right out. Each button gets tied to a specific product from Amazon's library of over 300 brands, in categories such as (click each category to see samples) , , , , , , and more. . 


Comcast knows you’ll pay anything for good Wi-Fi

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A new survey commissioned by Comcast has ranked apartment-dweller's need for good internet, relative to other niceties like basic hygiene. The conclusion seems to be that good Wi-Fi and high-speed internet are viewed as being the most critical. Comcast probably commissioned this survey to show how relevant its brand is to millennials or something, but the only actual truth to be found is this: Comcast knows that you will put up with basically anything to get good internet, so it's going to squeeze you for every last penny. The survey polled 2015 building managers and developers in the US about what features are the most important for prospective renters. A majority (59%) had either Wi-Fi access or fast internet as the most important feature, comfortably beating out a washer-dryer in unit as the must-have. This isn't so much a statement on the value of technology as it is a stunning indictment of broadband technology in the US. In a supposedly technology-literate, competitive, first-world country, access to the internet should be a given. But thanks to the oligopoly of cable companies that control access to the internet with very little regional competition, you're often left with little or no choice of cable providers. That means that if Verizon or Comcast only choose to supply your building with a 10Mbps, you're out of luck. So really, this survey just confirms to Comcast an important fact about its customers: it doesn't matter how bad the customer service is or if it flat-out calls its customers idiots: you don't have any choice and you need internet, so pucker up, lucky consumers.

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How free wi-fi is transforming India's rail stations

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Free high-speed wi-fi is now being offered at 115 stations on India's railway network.


Germany's public wi-fi dilemma

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Public wi-fi owners in Germany could be held liable for illegal downloads, but campaigners are trying to change the law.


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