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Hawaii twin accused of driving off cliff to kill sister is acquitted of murder

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A yoga instructor who was accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her twin sister after a hair-pulling argument in 2016 was acquitted of murder Thursday.


Trial begins for Yoga instructor accused of killing her twin sister in 'hair pulling plunge' over Hawaii cliff

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A murder trial began Monday for a woman who has been accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii and killing her twin sister in 2016 after a hair-pulling brawl.


Woman doing yoga on plane sparks debate: 'Nobody needs to see people flailing about on planes'

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Not everyone was supportive of her stretching routine.


Ubtech Lynx packs Alexa into a bot with a penchant for yoga

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This cool, humanoid robot can also dance and watch your home with a built-in security cam.

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Americans who practice yoga contribute to white supremacy, Michigan State University professor claims

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White people who do a downward-facing dog are contributing to a “system of power, privilege, and oppression,” according to a Michigan State University professor.

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Woman doing yoga on plane sparks debate: 'This isn't ur living room'

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Not everyone was supportive of her stretching routine.

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Lenovo introduces new Windows, Chromebook education laptops to classrooms

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The 100e notebook starts at just $219, while the latest 11e Yoga and ThinkPad 11e are built to meet MIL-SPEC rugged standards.


BASF tackles the signs of skin and hair aging

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At the Cosmetagora trade show, which was held on 09-10 January 2018 in Paris, the BASF's Care Chemicals division has launched three new anti-aging and anti-stress active ingredients promise a real fountain of youth for the skin and hair. “Consumers are leading ever-busier lives. As the pace of life remains fast, products that calm, sooth and rejuvenate the skin are in high demand,” explains BASF in a release. Inspired by the vogue of yoga and meditation and by the natural trend, the designer (...) -


The Apple Store / pH+

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The Apple Store is a lovingly designed flexible and fun family home located in the heart of , Kent, situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty known as ‘the Fruit Belt’. The project sees an apple packing station transformed into a vibrant five-bedroom family home and live/work space complete with triple height yoga studio, photography workshop, pool and children’s secret hideaways. The project was subject to strict conditions by the planners requiring the visual integrity, scale, structure and agricultural character of the original Fruit packing Station be retained. The part business designation (class B1) also had to be retained which supplements the new C3 use creating a truly integrated and highly successful Living and Working Space.

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Hot yoga’s high temperature may not have any health benefits

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Despite all the extra effort and sweat, a study suggests that the high temperature used in hot yoga classes may not have any useful effect

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