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Bo Burnham Can Totally Relate to Tween Girls

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For his new film Eighth Grade, which follows a young girl through her last days of middle school, director Bo Burnham watched hours of YouTube videos of tweens to see what they were like. “The 13-year old boys tended to talk about XBOX and the 13-year-old girls tended to talk ...

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Planetbase (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: If you follow me on Twitter then you will know how much I love resource management, simulation and strategy games. For example, next week I have my review of Railway Empire going live (as well as a bunch of videos already on Youtube) and my most anticipated game of the year is Tropico 6. So imagine my surprise when I found out a few weeks ago that the PC and Xbox exclusive base builder, from Madruga Works, was getting a PS4 release. I was over the moon (quite literally, as youll find out). Planetbase is more akin to games such as The Settlers, Anno 2205 and Aven Colony rather than Simcity and Cities Skyline as the main focus is on resource management and building individual components. So, grab six of your fellow astronauts and a couple of robots and come with me as we explore a barely habitable planet and see if Planetbase is out of this world or simply lost in space


Eighth Grade Is a Poignant Portrait of Middle School in the Time of Snapchat

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When we meet 13-year-old Kayla Day, she’s particularly hung up on a single descriptor: talkative. In a YouTube video she posts for her single-digit subscriber base, she insists that even though people at school see her as shy and quiet, she is in fact, totally talkative. She uses the word ...


Palestinians fight Facebook, YouTube censorship

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Steps taken to document 'imbalance' between censoring of Israeli and Palestinian content on social media platforms.


Top Battlefield YouTuber Blames EA for Manipulating the Medias Voice

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One of EA's "Game Changers" has turned his back on the company. Accuses them of "manipulating the media's voice."


First Aid Kit performs "It's A Shame"

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As teenagers, sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg started busking on the streets of Stockholm. Then their self-shot video of a Fleet Foxes song went viral on YouTube. Four albums and countless tours later, First Aid Kit's star just keeps rising


Google chiefs pledge to scour more content as US mid-term elections loom

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January 20, 2018 10:39 AM
SAN FRANCISCO (BLOOMBERG) - The chief executive officers of Alphabet Inc.'s Google and YouTube pledged to scour videos and other content more closely for misleading news and inappropriate messages on their web services ahead of elections in the US later this year.


P&G, YouTube and Others Respond to Tide Pod Challenge

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Poison control centers report 39 cases of deliberate ingestion from Jan. 1-15—the total for all of 2016

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Jigsaw Teased As Next Dead By Daylight Killer

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The official Dead By Daylight Youtube channel released a very short teaser earlier today for their next killer, and all signs are pointing to Jigsaw from the SAW franchise.

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Why some teens are intentionally ingesting Tide pods

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The latest head-scratching social media craze has teenagers intentionally ingesting highly toxic Tide laundry pods and posting the videos to YouTube.

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