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3 days visiting Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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3 days visiting Ilocos Norte, Philippines If you are interested in looking for a quick and fun getaway outside of Manila, then this 3 day itinerary to Northern Luzon is a fantastic trip. The Northern part of Luzon, primarily the Ilocos region is rich in culture and historical monuments, Unesco sites, unique little […]


Kayak trip to Antarctica

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Kayak adventure trip to Antarctica I was pretty nervous about signing up to be in the Kayak Club on our Antarctic cruise. There were sixteen spots available on the 110-person cruise for kayakers. I presumed all would be full for such an adventuresome-sounding activity. There were, however, only thirteen of us, plus three guides. I […]

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Top 5 things you must do in Ahmedabad

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Top 5 things you must do in Ahmedabad, India Ahmedabad is the seventh largest city in India and is the commercial capital of Gujarat, a western state of India. Ahmedabad has been inhabited since the 11th century and is a thriving commercial and Industrial hub. The city has been known for its cotton textiles […]

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things to do in Salzburg Austria

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Things to see and do in Salzburg, Austria   This summer we took a short trip to Salzburg, Austria for a weekend. Little did we know before heading there that Salzburg had so much more to offer than just Sound of Music and Mozart. Once in Salzburg we decided to not take any tours and […]

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Things to do in Kotor Montenegro

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Things to do in Kotor, Montenegro in one day Are you are a cat or dog person? If you’re the former, like me, you are going to love this one day itinerary in Kotor. Someone even teased me, making me believe Kotor meant cat. It doesn’t. If you’re more of a dog person, don’t stop […]


Must-see Vigan tourist spots, Ilocos Sur

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Must-see Vigan tourist spots, Ilocos Sur Vigan city in Ilocos Sur, located in the northwest region of Luzon in the Philippines is a beautiful Spanish colonial city. The city takes pride in its colonial past while mixing in some quirky, new and fascinating places to visit in the city and region.  If you are looking for something […]


Vegas 5 star deals with

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Vegas 5 star deals with Hotwire for an amazing $50 This won’t last long, but if you are looking for Christmas vacation in Las Vegas with a 5 start experience at super rock bottom prices, you have to check out this deal now! Starting today, Hotwire is offering these crazy 5 star hotel deals for only $50 […]


8 traditional Portuguese foods

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8 traditional Portuguese foods to try in Portugal Although most people are familiar with the cuisine of neighbouring Spain, Portuguese cuisine has gone relatively unnoticed. Recently, Portugal, and in particular Lisbon, has become a feature on many traveller’s itineraries. This has lead to more and more people asking, what should I eat when I […]

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3 day tour of Cebu Philippines

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3 day tour itinerary of Cebu in the Philippines   Cebu – the 2nd largest city in the Philippines after Manila is an easy getaway with many regular and inexpensive flights to the city.  There’s a lot to see in the Visayan regional capital from cultural and historic treasures, traveling to unique venues and landscapes around the island to sailing […]


Visit Bilbao Spain in two days

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Visit Bilbao, Spain in two days   2 days in Bilbao is not enough to see all of this quirky city. You could easily spend a week exploring the hidden delights of Bilbao. This city in Northern Spain has undergone a revitalization in recent years. An old port city, new buildings such as the […]

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Visit Utrecht Holland in two days

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Visit Utrecht, Holland in two days Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, is definitely one of the most interesting and oldest cities in the country and one that is worth visiting – at least for two days! There’s a sense of quaintness and compactness about Utrecht as it maintains its small-town […]


Top Hiking Destinations in Cape Town South Africa

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Top Hiking Destinations in Cape Town, South Africa he Cape Town area is surrounded by a unique range of mountains called the Cape Fold Mountains. They were formed eons ago to create a wonderland of majestic peaks and amphitheatres with valleys and slopes dominated by vegetation called ”Fynbos”. Fynbos is unique in being […]


things to do in Ubud

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10 top things to do in Ubud, Bali Ubud is a small town located in a cool, lush, and mountainous part of the Indonesian island of Bali. Once a sleepy little town, Ubud recently became incredibly popular with tourists after the publication of the best-seller “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It became […]

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3 days in Munich

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3 days in Munich – what to see and do By Guest blogger Christoph Ruzicka with Eco Backpacking Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is mostly known for hosting the annual Oktoberfest. However, the famous beer festival is not the only reason to visit. It’s easy to get lost wandering through the historic […]

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Top 25 free things to do in Paris

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Top 25 free things to do in Paris Paris can be a very pricy city in terms of hotels, food and entertainment. What a better way than getting a few great ideas of free things to do in Paris to keep your budget intact. You definitely need to splurge on some of the […]

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things to do in Cadiz

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10 top things to do in Cádiz, Spain Does this look like a place you could fall in love with? Read on for 10 things to do in Cádiz! Cádiz can be found in the south of Spain, in the Andalusia region, just below Seville. Sadly or perhaps gladly it is not always sought out […]

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The best things to do in Rio de Janeiro

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The best things to do in Rio de Janeiro When I first arrived in Rio de Janeiro, I didn’t know I’d end up living there for over a year. I knew Rio was famous for Carnival, beaches, samba music, caipirinha and beautiful people. And that was all. A few days later, I realized […]

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What to see in New York City

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What to see in New York City – 11 must visit places New York City, a city for Dreamers and Doers, attracts 60 million visitors every year. If a city attracts that many visitors then there must be something extra ordinary about it. And NYC has a long list of iconic experiences on its resume. […]


Fun things to do in Vancouver

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Fun things to do in Vancouver, Canada   Guest post by Marcie of Marcie in Mommyland. Vancouver, BC is one of my favorite cities. I’m fortunate that it’s just a 2.5 hour drive from my home in Seattle, WA. We usually go in the summer and in the winter for Boxing Day. In fact, my […]

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Best places to visit in fall

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Best places to visit in fall around the world Fall time is a perfect time for people to travel and do a quick getaway and travel for autumn colors, a late season holiday to avoid the crowds or taking part with fall holiday celebrations. Following are some of the best autumn and fall destinations to […]


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